Why Men Hate To Be Compared?

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Men Hate To Be Compared
Men hate comparison. Especially, if it is done by their wives. Both men and women hate being compared to some one else. But, the male ego is greatly hurt and they feel offended when they compared to some particular people. There are some people whom men hate to be compared with. So, never compare your spouse with any one. Even if you have done it without any kind of bad intentions, there are high chances of their being misinterpreted. Check out this list and think twice before comparing your man to these people.

Father-in-law- Comparison in any form is bad. It can hurt the self esteem of any man. Men hate to be compared with their father-in-law. They know that your father is the most special man in your life and you are his little princess. But as a man, he wants to be the centre of your life. They dislike the fact that you find some one else better than him. Such kind of a comparison can be bad for your relationship. Your father may be the best man in your life. But there is no need to emphasize the same fact before your man even if it is true.

Your Best Friend- If your best friend is a guy and by any chance you happen to compare him with your husband, then my dear, you are in a soup. Men can never accept the fact that there can be some other man in your life who holds equal importance for you. A man does hate things like these. They always aspire to be both best friend and partner to their wife. And they do not want to share this place with any one.

Your Ex-Boyfriend- Now girls, you should be very careful before you compare your man to your ex-boyfriend. May be, your man is good enough to accept your past in very kind way. But men will hate to know that your ex-partners were in some way better off than them, at least in your eyes. Fair enough. Where there is love, there is jealousy too. So, don't you think that it is quite obvious on his part to be jealous of someone?

Friend's Husband- Most of the men hate being compared to someone else. When you say to your husband that your friend's husband has bought her something that you would like, a lot goes through his mind. He might feel sad if he cannot give the same luxuries to you. This might also make him feel that he cannot understand what your likes are.

Most of the people hate things like these. So, try to place yourself in his shoes before you make a comparison.

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