Stuck In A Love-Hate Relationship?

By A Mixed Nerve

When we say that they share a 'love-hate relationship' we are not describing any unique condition. When your love life is troubled and you do not know how to come out of it, you are stuck in love.

It basically means that you still love the person you are with deep down but the layers of frustration and bitterness have pushed that affection out of the picture at the current moment. But when you are trying to walk out, your heart gets paralyzed by the pain of having a closure.

Love Hate Relationship

A love-hate relationship is what every troubled relationship becomes after a point of time. Here are certain things you should understand very clearly if you are stuck in love.

Things To Remember About Love-Hate Relationship:

1. You Will Never Walk Out

Your partner may leave you but be very clear, if you are in this kind of a relationship then you will never be able to leave. In short, you will not be the one to pick up your bag and leave or send divorce papers. You may be outraged by this statement by the very word 'love-hate' says love first. Hate is only a by-product of love that we breathe in and out when situations like this spread in the wind.

2. Most People Are Stuck In Love

A love-hate relationship is nothing unique at all. In fact, a majority of couples share this kind of a relationship and accept it as a norm rather than an exception. Your love life is troubled only because you consider yourself to be stuck in love. If millions of other couples can live through it then there is no reason why you can't.

3. Do You Have Pleasant Memories?

Buried somewhere deep down the baggage of heartbreak and disappointments is a gallery of bight images from the days when your love was perfect. All you do is keep those images in the forefront of your eyesight and keep thinking about it. These keep you in the loop and you get stuck in this kind of relationship. You start living because of these memories you had and you are so affectionate towards these memories that you decide not to leave.

4. If You Are Still Hurt Then You Are Still In Love

Only people we love have the capacity to hurt us. If a random guy on the road tells you that he regrets meeting you, will you shed tears? Then how does your partner pierce your heart with the same words? It means your troubled love is still strong and you still care about each other. This is another thing about a love-hate relationship you should adhere to.

5. Begin With A Clean Slate

The only way to go when you are in your relationship conflicts, is forward. You can go back and analyse who said what and in what context for the rest of your life but there will never be a clear winner. The best way to detangle your life from its complications is to wipe the past clean and begin with a fresh mind.

6. Stay Away From Family And Connect With Old Friends

It is your family that is most reminiscent of your relationship conflicts. Take a break from family circles for a while and get in touch with your old friends who knew you in happier times. It really helps. It makes you feel lively back again and you start thinking in a positive manner.

These are the advice you need to read and remember when you are in a love-hate relationship. Adhering to these will help you have a positive aspect towards life and then you know how well you can handle the relationship.

Remember the relationship is all yours and your partner's and if you are not happy you can always talk and discuss and still if it doesn't work in your favour then you should let it go. Being happy is the biggest fact of life and being happy in the relationship is a must.

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