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Do Women Forgive Infidelity?

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There are many cases in the life of a married couple when one of the partners is caught cheating on the other. This can be considered as one of the most grave marriage issues to deal with. Couples fight over many reasons and the problem comes wherein one of them seeks the shoulder of an outsider to cry on.

Every single person reacts differently when they come to know about the infidelity of their partner. Especially men and women have different approaches to it. So, how do women react to their husband's infidelity. Do they forgive them or not. There can be many reasons behind each. Let's find out.

Cheating Partner

Broken Trust- The main thing that binds down a relationship is the trust. There might be problems in a marriage, but then infidelity completely breaks the bond of trust between the two. A husband and wife are not only partners for a lifetime but also friends. So, when this trust is broken it is very difficult to rebuild it again. And as women are more sensitive than men it becomes more difficult on their part to forgive a cheating partner.

No Love- Many a times this so happens that a man gets intimate with another woman out of pure physical instincts. And this does not mean that they love or care for the other woman. But at the same time this also means that he has the least respect and love for his partner. So, when there is no respect for the emotions and feelings of the person other in a relationship, then there is no meaning to it. Hence, in case of such kind of marriage problems, women do barely forget the infidelity in their partners.

Understanding and Love- This is one of the cases where a woman forgives her cheating partner. They love their partners so much that with time they come to forget such marriage issues and forgive their partner's infidelity. Women do so when they understand that their man has really realized where they were wrong and that they really love them.

Children- Many a times women forgive the infidelity in their partners not for their sake but for the sake of their children. But this is only so when they understand that their man has really understood their folly and shall never do it again. When parents get separated then it is the children who suffer the most. So, women for the sake of their children sometimes forgive their cheating partners and forget all infidelity issues.

But, it is advisable that you deal with marriage problems as such with patience and diligence. Sometimes women forget their cheating partners and sometimes they don't. It all depends on the situation they are in.

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