Bizarre Problems Created By Divorce

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A divorce usually happens due to some conflict in the relationship that is not resolvable. But have you ever thought about it from the other way round. Divorce can create problems that are absolutely impossible to resolve. This usually happens when it comes to settlement of divorce. Both parties have some things to claim and when they finally come to the table, they realise that divorce has problems that are totally bizarre and difficult to solve.

Here are some of the most bizarre problems created by divorce that has worsen conflicts in relationships.

Bizarre Problems Created By Divorce:

Whose Dog Is It?: A happy couple shares a home, hearth, kids and a cute little dog. But when this happy home breaks, everything is divided. Now how do you divide a poor dog who is attached to both its masters. There have been cases of couples going to court to file a favourable divorce settlement that involves the custody of their pets. Bizarre as it sounds, pets are just like kids so why shouldn't there be a custody battle for them?

Unborn Babies: IVF and Surrogate motherhood have created strange divorce problems that can baffle the most seasoned judges. Now when a couple goes to a IVF clinic, many pre-birth embryos are created. This is because not all embryos will implant. There will be at least a couple of failures. When a couple take divorce, who would own these unborn embryos? There was a case where the husband wanted to destroy these embryos and the wife wanted them preserved. The couple had a fight over this issue of their divorce in court for years.

Joint Accounts & Property: Crass as it sounds, money always plays a very crucial role in divorce settlements. Now how do you really divide joint accounts and joint property. The husband might claim that his contributions towards the assets are much more than his wife. But legally speaking, you can do nothing about it precisely because it is a 'joint' property.

Expensive Gifts: You proposed her with your grandmother's 1 carat diamond ring but things didn't go well and you want a divorce now. How will you retrieve your priceless heirloom from her? Difficult question, right? When a couples have relationship conflicts, they want to take back their expensive gifts. But that is very difficult in a divorce. Once you have gifted something, it is not yours to have any more

Here are some of the most difficult problems of divorce. They are funny but also mind boggling. Do you know of any other such problems?

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