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Dirty Tricks For A Bad Divorce!

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Dirty Divorce Tricks
No married couple wishes to face a bad divorce. The whole process of taking a divorce despite the reason, is painful enough to last for a lifetime. But what if your spouse cheated on you or just abandoned you? Is divorce enough as a punishment?

In such cases, couples, mainly the sufferer, tries dirty tricks to take divorce. You must also watch out because these cheap stunts might be pulled by your partner even if you are the sufferer. So, make sure that you are not at the receiving end of these nasty tricks.

Dirty Tricks For Bad Divorce:

1. Your Swipe To Revenge: Most women use credit cards as their biggest weapon against cheating husbands. If you have been cheating on her, then you deserve it. But if she is giving you an unjustified punishment by swiping the card, then you better block it. A shopping spree is not going to heal your broken heart. So, don't lose respect and make your divorce bad.

2. Starve Your Spouse: If either spouse is the earning member of the family, he or she might plan to starve you off. The typical dirty trick is to move out of the house and refusal to divide expenses until the divorce is finalised. This is a trap to make the divorce difficult. It is actually illegal and you can take legal action on your spouse for doing this to you.

3. Feigning Concern: Do not leave anything unwritten between the two of you. Many couples get into trouble for assuming things that are unsaid. You might be trying out a separation before divorce but that can be used against you in the court. Your spouse might lie brazenly, saying that you abandoned him/her and the children on your own accord. Start the paper work from the time you start living separately.

4. Who Paid What? When you are going through a divorce, who paid what during the course of the marriage becomes a bone of contention. In fact, financial disagreement is one of the main reasons for divorce turning ugly. If you have joint property, cars, furniture or any such assets, then it should be equally divided. You may have paid entirely for some stuff, but if your spouse is not decent enough to acknowledge it, then you'll have to live with it.

5. Using The Kids: That is probably the dirtiest trick in the book to make your spouse suffer. No matter what wrong your spouse might have done, he or she does not deserve this. Calculating how much each parent has done for their childrenis cheap. Moreover, it is traumatic for the kids. Spare them the horror in your personal war! If your spouse insists on dragging the kids, then you will have to try and make the divorce as smooth as possible for the sake of your kids.

These are the nastiest tricks that make a divorce bad. Follow these relationship tips to avoid such complications. Smooth and peaceful divorce is the key to a happy life even after separation.

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Story first published: Tuesday, April 10, 2012, 12:54 [IST]
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