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Ways To Impress Your Wife

For guys, it may be easy to propose and flirt around with girls but it is next to impossible to impress wives as they know the smallest bits about them. It is hard to impress somebody who lives every single minute with you, which is why, we have come up with a few good ways on how to keep impressing your wife as you pass every phase of life. Take a look.

Ways To Impress Your Wife -

  1. Give Time - Your wife is your homemaker. She is the care taker of your children and aging parents, for her, dedicate some time. Listen to what she wants say, read her eyes, sense her heartbeat. This way you will emotionally bind her and make her fee l confident.
  2. Surprise – As she knows all about you, you need to get innovative with love. Always make her feel that she doesn't know everything about the way you love her. Take new ways to impress your wife, buy her those little things that makes her feel special.
  3. Give Her A Break – After a week long work, you homemaker may be tired, help her relax and be a cook. You can even take her out for a meal and make her feel that you are concerned about her relaxation.
  4. Healthy Change – Accompany her for a jog, fitness centre or an evening walk. Help her stay fit, active and youthful. Try bring in that change in her life by making her feel that she is not in a cocoon but a transformed and trendy cosmopolitan wife.
  5. Ping Her – Call her whenever you find time and ask her if she has any wishes for the day, fulfill the simple likes by going to the place she wishes to go, it may be a movie or her favorite hangout etc.
  6. Weekend Getaway – On all the 6 days, your wife is nothing but a housekeeper, so take her for a travel so that she is refreshed and de-stressed helping her creat a favorable ambience and peaceful environment at home.
Story first published: Tuesday, July 26, 2011, 11:03 [IST]
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