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Mother-In-Law Issues Causing Family Problems

By Anjana NS

Mother-in-laws and their sons wives are something that has always rocked the marriage market.

It is said that many men agree that their mothers are objects of fun. To this their wives say its a complete 'No'. Reports state that,"Mother-in-laws might be objects of fun for men the world over but for women, life with such a figure is no laughing matter."

The major objectives to this situation is on how they bring up their children, mollycoddling their son, and trying to spoil their grandchildren too much.

There are cases of annoyance when the mother-in-law turns up unexpected to the sons house and stirs up problems between the couple. A survey which was conducted on a thousand wives, stated that most of them cannot stand their mother-in-law where 39 percent have complained that the main reason being that she is too inquisitive on how to raise a grandchild.

The main complaints against mother-in-laws were that they are interfering in day-to-day life and babying their son (grandchild).

“The key thing to remember here is that she doesn"t think you"re doing a bad job; it"s just very hard for grannies to resist offering their own opinion if you"re doing something slightly differently to how she would have done with her own children." Reported a source.

Some say that daughter-in-laws are probably a bit less resistant to advice from your own mum, but with the in-law it can irk that much more, as you feel as if your authority is being undermined.

For the record, complaining about the mother-in-law has traditionally been associated with men, but now times have changed and women seem to create problems.
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Story first published: Tuesday, November 16, 2010, 14:43 [IST]
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