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Men Love Being Married!

Men and Marriage have always gone hand in hand, many men seem to be happily married to their partners, still continuing to share the same bond that they had when they where dating. For many men , being secretly happy in their marriage is something that is just not new, some of these men don't wan to show how happy they are to have found the most lovable , charming wife.

Some of the studies revealed that most of the men stated to say that they were happy in there marriage for a lot of reasons.

These reasons are just simply beautiful and romantic:-

  1. My best friend- Many married partners consider their spouses to be their best friends as they tend to share a lot , whether it is important or silly. Having a best friend is simply telling each other the most detailed information that would help you to feel better and more open to each other in whatever situation it is.
  2. She makes me want to be a better man- No matter what mood she might be in after a long days work, she always pays attention to my needs, helps to encourage me and inspire me in all related aspects in my life helping me to be a better person.
  3. The best thing about her is that when she is at home, she makes me want to stay. If she is unwell , it is your duty as a husband to look after her if she needs attention and care. Pour loads of affection on her, she needs it especially when she is unwell it will improve her health in no time.
  4. After a hard day's labor, coming home to her is the best thing that any happy married man would wait for, towards the end of the day. Like wise it is the same for her too.
  5. A fabulous mother, a good wife, a wonderful homemaker, these are the things she would really appreciate if you are good with the talking . Telling her all this will only remind her of how special it is to be married to you thus enhancing your married life.

A spouse is a 'Companion for life' ,for either ways. There is nothing wrong in sharing the most intimate details of your life, the more you share and open to each other, happiness will always bliss!

Story first published: Tuesday, July 20, 2010, 12:25 [IST]
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