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12 Things To Expect When You Date Pisces

Pisces is the last of all zodiac signs but the most creative of all. A water sign and therefore, people born under this sign are emotional, creative, imaginative, playful and love going with the flow. People belonging to this zodiac sign are quite romantic and look forward to a relationship full of love and genuine emotions. They hardly look for casual relationships or hookups. But it is never easy to date someone who belongs to this zodiac sign. There are certain things that you can expect when you are dating a Pisces. In case, you are wondering how they will be, scroll down the article to find out.

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1. They Expect True Love From Their Partner

First things first, when you date a Piscean, you need to understand that he or she expects tons of love and attention from you. This is because these people invest most of the time and emotions in the relationship. Therefore, they crave true love, affection, attachment and attention from their partners. Though they won't ask you to love them and show affection, they secretly wish you to love them. Also, they will value emotional connection more than a physical one.


2. They Love To Express Their Creativity

People belonging to this zodiac sign are blessed with creativity. You will hardly find your partner following a mundane and the same routine. So if you are in a relationship with someone who belongs to Pisces zodiac sign, you need to let them have their freedom to explore their creative side. Stopping them from doing things they are proficient in, will be no less than hurting their sentiments. For them, their inner talent and creative skills are something they will never compromise.


3. They Try Their Best To Stay Away From Negativity

These people are quite playful and love to go with the flow. They do not like to cry over spilled milk. They will, in fact, analyse their past mistakes and will take a cue from it to overcome their flaws. Also, they try their best to stay away from people who is a crybaby and do not learn from their mistakes.


4. They Love To Keep The Spark Alive In Their Relationship

So, if you are in a relationship with a person born under this zodiac sign, then you have someone who loves you passionately. They will never do things that may create problems in your relationship. You'll never feel that your partner is losing interest in you, provided you love him or her equally.

Also, these people know how to keep the spark alive in their relationship. For this, they will never mind going on a candlelight dinner, writing sweet letters and or giving you a back massage so that you can relax. But then they expect the same from your side as well.


5. They Become Faithful Life Partners

People born under this sign are said to be among the most loyal people. These people will hardly cheat you or bring infidelity in the relationship. In fact, they try to mould themselves according to you. But once you break their trust, nothing can compensate for the loss. This is because people who belong to Pisces expect true love and affection from their partner.


6. They Value Their 'Me-Time' Above All

All of us need some 'me-time' to know ourselves in a better way and so do people born under this zodiac sign. Though these people are extremely caring and loving, at times, they crave for some 'me-time'. This is because they consider solitude as the best way to analyse their thoughts, discard the negativity and become a better version of themselves. So if you are dating such a person, make sure you let them have their personal space.

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7. They Love Meaningful And Deep Conversations

If you are someone who stays away from deep and meaningful conversations, then you are not an ideal partner for people belonging to this zodiac sign. This is because these people are fond of indulging in some deep and meaningful conversation. They love talking on some intellectual topics. So if you are someone who thinks you can woo them by talking about sports and fashion, then things may not be easy for you. Superficial conversations are something they ignore with all their heart


8. They Do Not Run After Show-offs

These people are never fond of materialistic happiness and prefer spending some quality time with their friends and family members. They have a simple way of living, which doesn't involve any kind of show-off. If you think you can impress them by the amount of money you earn or with your fashion sense, then you are in a misconception. Instead, you can try arranging a romantic date where both of you can express your true emotions with each other and spend some quality time with each other.


9. They Are Self-Dependent Individuals

These people believe in the idea of being a self-dependent individual. They work hard to achieve their goals and make their loved ones feel proud. This is one of the main reasons why they do not like to be with lazy people and those who are late-bloomers.


10. They Are Fond Of Their Imaginary World

People who belong to this zodiac sign love to stay in their imaginary world. You will often find them daydreaming and fantasising about all the interesting things in this world. At times, they may not like it when you burst their dream bubble and ask them to face reality.


11. They Love To Spend Evening In Their Own Way

Partying in a club or heading to a live concert is not their cup of tea. Instead, they prefer spending some peaceful time in their loungewear. Rather than dancing in those noisy clubs, they will binge-watch their favourite show or will listen to some melodious songs while sitting in a park. Also, they will love going on a dinner date and having food in a calm manner. So, if you are dating such a person, you know how to win his/her heart.


12. They Trust Their Intuition To A Great Extent

These people never ignore their gut. They won't jump to a conclusion without listening to their gut instincts. This is why they often sense it if something is going wrong. Therefore, if you think you can commit a mistake and will be able to hide from your partner, then this may not happen.

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Story first published: Wednesday, February 19, 2020, 16:55 [IST]
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