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Wondering Whether He Will Be A Good Husband? These 9 Signs Will Help You

Relationships and marriage are slightly different from each other, though the former often leads to the latter. But marriage is a bond that requires more commitment, mutual understanding, respect, willingness to take up the responsibilities and stay together even during the tough times.

So it becomes obvious that you need to share your life with someone honest with you and willing to be a good spouse. When it comes to women, they wish for an understanding, loving and caring husband. However, there can be times when they (read: women) may not be able to decide if their boyfriends would be a good husband.

But you don't have to worry about it as we are here to help you in figuring out whether or not he would be a good husband. To know more, read on.


1. He Loves You For Being Who You Are

Just because he texts you ‘I love you' a hundred times in a day that doesn't mean he loves you. Ask yourself whether your man loves you for who you are. Does he love the way you carry yourself or ask you to change yourself as per his wish? Love is not only about hanging out with each other, going on dates, sending mushy texts and being intimate. It is also about how beautifully you accept your partner's flaws. So if your man loves and respects you despite your quirks and flaws and lets you be who you are, then he could be a good husband.


2. He Is Always There For You

One's married life can be happening and successful, if both the individuals are there to support each other. After all, won't it be beautiful to have a husband who respects your talents and motivates you for living your dreams? Rather than settling for a husband who orders you what to do and what not to, find a man who will always be there to have your back and never stops you from pursuing your area of interest. So if your man is always there to support you and help you in achieving your goals, then this is a positive sign.


3. He Trusts You

It would be no wrong to say that trust is one of the most important factors when it comes to love. Owing to the fact that, trust is the foundation of any strong relationship. Instead of blindly trusting a man, find out whether he trusts you or not. For this, you need to pay attention to whether he checks your phone in your absence or tries to go monitor your social media activities. Is he obsessed with knowing whom you were talking to or whom did you accompany for having a cup of coffee? You can also ask yourself whether he shares his thoughts, emotions, secrets, plans, etc with you.


4. He Is Growth-Oriented

A growth-oriented man will always try to improve himself and work hard to make things better. Not only this, but he constantly tries to learn new things and be a better human. He will learn from his failures and will try his best to incorporate good habits every now and then. If you have come across such a man in your life, then congratulations you have found a man who could be a good husband.


5. He Seeks Your Advice When Making Any Decision

There is no denying that marriage is more like a partnership. One of the telltale signs that he will be a good husband is whether or not he includes you while taking any decisions. For example, does he seek your advice and asks for your opinions? Taking your suggestions and advice into account, factoring your wishes and needs and paying heed to what you say, are what a good and caring husband would do.


6. He Respects Your Opinions, Thoughts And Belief

It is obvious that you and your partner will have different opinions, thoughts and beliefs. Respecting each other's culture, beliefs, thoughts and opinions are quite important. But that doesn't mean one needs to respect these things just for the sake of doing so. For example, he may say that he respects your culture and beliefs but would often troll you for the same. But if your man genuinely respects your beliefs, opinions and thoughts and encourages you for the same, then you must not let him go.


7. He Is Honest With You

Honesty is another important factor that ensures a strong and healthy relationship. Nothing can be worse than being with a partner who is dishonest and never tries to maintain transparency in the relationship. After all, a healthy marriage and relationship require trust and honesty. So it would be no wrong to say that a man who's honest with you will become a good husband.


8. He Always Puts Efforts In The Relationship

One cannot deny that in order to keep the spark ignited, you need to make efforts constantly. A man who is always ready to put necessary efforts into the relationship will no doubt be a good husband. For example, if there's any misunderstanding, he will try his best to solve it. He will work hard to make you proud and will often try his best to share the responsibilities. Not only this, but he'll make time for you.


9. He Sees You As His Life-Partner

By saying so, we mean to say that a man who sees you as his life-partner. If your man genuinely wants to marry you and share his entire life with you, he will no doubt be a good husband. He will quit his bad habits and incorporate good ones to make you proud. Not only this, but he will proudly introduce you as his life-partner. He won't go on hiding the relationship and being clueless about whether or not he wants to marry you.

Apart from this, you need to understand that a perfect partner doesn't exist. Two different individuals come together to adore each other and accept the imperfections to make a perfect relationship.