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10 Signs You Share A Strong Compatibility With Your Partner

Compatibility is one of the pillars of a strong relationship. It ensures if you and your partner are able to exist together despite your personal flaws and conflicts raising their heads in the relationship. When you are compatible with your partner, you are able to resolve the differences and be with each other even during the hard times. There can be times when you may get annoyed at your partner's behaviour and find it difficult to adjust with him/her. But this doesn't mean you are no more compatible with your partner.

In order to know whether your relationship has compatibility or not, scroll down the article to read about a few signs that tell if you and your partner are compatible.

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1. You Respect Each Other's Choices

It is not necessary that two humans will have the same choices. But one must learn to respect other's choices. Similarly, your partner's interests, choices, preferences and thoughts may differ from you. If you and your partner respect each other's preferences, thoughts and choices, then this is a sign that you share a good compatibility level in your relationship.


2. You Take Care Of Each Other’s Likes And Dislikes

Being aware of one's likes and dislikes is quite different than taking care of the same. If you and your partner happen to take care of each other's likes and dislikes, then this shows that you share nice compatibility with your partner. This is because you make efforts to keep your partner's happiness and comfort before yours.


3. You Value Each Other’s Personal Space

All of us need our personal space to spend some me-time for self-love. And self-love is never a selfish thing as it helps you explore yourself, work on your mental and physical health and regain your energy levels. Just because your partner wants some space, doesn't mean that he or she no more love you. But if you are pretty comfortable in letting each other enjoy the me-time and have personal space, then congratulations, you share nice compatibility.


4. You Share Responsibilities

There is no room for gender-defined roles in a strong and healthy relationship. Since both of you are equally involved in your relationship, you don't have to put the entire burden on either of you. Sharing responsibilities with your partner ensures strong compatibility in your relationship. For this, you can share small household chores, taking care of bill payments or ensuring that your partner doesn't have to work alone in the kitchen.


5. You Handle Money-Related Issues Effectively

If you in a long-term relationship, you will agree that there can be times when money-related issues may raise their heads. Money-related issues may take a toll on your relationship if not resolved in an effective manner. You know how to handle expenses and make sure that you are saving a good amount of money.


6. You Do Things To Keep Boredom Off Your Relationship

There can be times when you may feel that your relationship has grown boring due to some reasons. It could be because of children, aging, work pressure, etc. This is when you tend to distance yourself from your partner. But this doesn't mean you can't bring back the spark in your relationship. If you are always on your toes to make your partner feel special and keep boredom off your relationship, then this shows you share great compatibility in your relationship.


7. You Support And Encourage Each Other’s Dreams

One of the obvious signs that you value your partner's happiness and are compatible with him or her, is by supporting his or her dreams. When you support your partner's dreams and encourage him or her to achieve their goals, you help each other in evolving into a better human.


8. You Never Play The Blame Game

To err is human and nobody is resistant to mistakes. But that doesn't mean you will blame your partner for their mistakes and every mishappening. Blame-game will never help you in finding solutions to conflicts and issues. Rather than playing the blame game, you can think of resolving the problems through a problem-solving approach.


9. You Do Not Feel Bad In Spending Time Apart

It is obvious that as a couple, you will be spending most of your time together. But do you know spending some alone time can also be a great option? You can utilise this time for meeting your friends, family members or exploring nearby places. If you and your partner do not have any problem in letting each other spend some time apart from going on dates with each other, then this clearly shows that you share strong compatibility with your partner.


10. You Don’t Feel The Need To Change Each Other

This is one of the most obvious signs that you extremely compatible with your partner. The way you accept your partner's flaws and help him/her to become a better human ensures the strength of your relationship. Instead of trying to change each other, it is better to be who you are. When you allow your partner to be who he/she is this shows you are compatible with each other.

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Story first published: Friday, March 27, 2020, 16:27 [IST]
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