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8 Money-Related Golden Rules To Follow When You Share Expenses With Your Partner

There are a lot of exciting things that couples do. Be it going on a date or trek, camping or hitchhiking. But, keeping a track of finances is certainly not one of them. Believe it or not, money can cause trouble in your relationship, if not handled properly.

Even if you and your partner earn quite well and are financially independent, things can become bitter at times.You may feel there is no need to discuss money as both of you trust each other. But how you talk about money in your relationship is really important. Therefore, we have listed some pointers for you.


1. Always Be Honest About Finances

Out of the few things that ensure the strength of your relationship, honesty and trust are one of them. You need to practice the same when it comes to handling money. Be honest about your incomes, expenses, and savings. Even if you are not financially stable, you don't have to hide it from your partner. Someone who loves you truly will still love you despite your financial status.


2. Talk About Your Money-Related Goals

If you are planning to buy a house, car or invest a considerable amount of money in something, then let your partner know about the same. Even if you are capable of taking care of the expenses, it is better that you let your partner know your financial goals. No matter if you are planning to save money or make a huge purchase, it is always better to be clear about your money-related goals. This will ensure transparency in your relationship.


3. Set Financial Boundaries In Your Relationship

Setting up financial boundaries is really helpful, especially if you are in a long-term relationship. Like if you prefer saving and investing money, then go for it. Let your partner know how you spend money and what steps you take to save money. These things will ensure that your relationship is untouched by misunderstandings.


4. Split The Bills And Other Expenses

At times, situations can be awkward if either of you has to spend more than the other. In such cases, you can try splitting the bill to ensure both of you are spending an equal amount. But if you are not willing to split the bills then you can think of taking care of rent and electricity bills, while your partner pays for grocery and laundry.


5. Spend Money On Things You Need

Before you and your partner move in and share the expenses, it is better that you spend money on only things you genuinely want. Try spending less money on things that won't be too helpful. For example: if you already have 10 pairs of shoes, avoid buying more only to look rich. Instead, you can invest money on health insurance or plan a trip.


6. Use A Positive Approach To Solve Money-Related Issues

Money-related issues are really disturbing and it can give rise to conflicts even in a strong relationship. So while you are trying to sort out the thing, avoid passing the blame on your partner. Instead of pointing fingers at each other, you can follow a positive and problem-solving approach to deal with this kind of crisis.


7. Be A Bit Generous And Flexible

It is not necessary that you and your partner will earn the same amount. Therefore, if your partner is unable to contribute much in the savings, then avoid blasting at him or her. Similarly, if he or she doesn't have enough money to buy something, then you can buy the same for him or her. Being generous and flexible in some money-related matters can help you to strengthen your relationship.


8. Save For Some Unexpected Expenses

Nobody can predict life and what will come next. There can be times when life may throw some unexpected tough moments at you. Facing such situations can be a difficult thing but not when you are financially stable. So it is better that you save some money along with your partner to deal with some financial crisis.

Sharing expenses with your partner can be an easy thing if you are honest, committed and transparent in your relationship.

Story first published: Saturday, March 21, 2020, 15:30 [IST]