Why Love Disappears After Marriage? All You Need To Know

Constantly striking yourself with the arrow about 'what happens to love after marriage'? Wandering through the streets of known and unknown in search of answers to the question? Mind if I, as a stranger, fill your query with fruitful answers?

What happens to love when couples marry? Does it become more or less for each other? All your queries have been put to rest with this article.

love disappears after marriage

Love is the only feeling that unites senses, emotions, minds, and bodies of two individuals. The love we offer is the love we receive. It is never less or more. A couple, when in love, decide to take it further ahead and plan on marrying each other. This is done to make their relationship official. The eyes of the world see paperwork and not feelings. Remember it!

Marriage is a paperwork that holds key to happiness and to the unhappiness part as well. It depends on you on how well you work it out.

Love in the relationship is the most sought feeling. But when that changes from a relationship to marriage, love is overshadowed by marriage and certain other responsibilities.

Let's find out all you need to know about love disappearing after a marriage.

Why Love Disappears After Marriage? All You Need To Know.

1. Expectations that come with marriage

Earlier, when it was a relationship, people were accustomed to each other's expectations. Later, the marriage took over and the added expectation took the toll upon the couple's extraordinary feeling, love. Love gasps for breath when these added expectations become pressure.

Love comes with certain expectation but marriage just enlarges the options of expectations, making it a harsh reality for the couple in marriage.

Thus, love gradually crawls out of the marriage.

2. Responsibility in marriages

Love never goes out of season in a couple. It just goes into hibernation after marriage. The reason behind it is the dictatorship of responsibility that suppresses love under marriage.
In a relationship, love sprouts, as a couple have responsibility and grows to be a flower and then a fruit but when the couple marries, love just vanishes with the burden of responsibility.

3. Love dies in between hateful arguments

When marriage doesn't work out well, hateful arguments drive its way to the hilltop from where the love appears to be a minute spot on the map of feelings. All that is seen is redness in the sky as the clouds of anger soar high.

Love in this meantime has no hold over the couple and then anger drives the life out of love.

4. Love is eroded when watered without importance

In marriage, people stop paying importance and lose the motto of respecting the partner after a certain period of time. In a marriage, it is always seen people taking each other for granted, thinking they will always be there to support. They forget the respect and importance they need to show and give, in order to harvest the support for themselves from their partner.

In such cases, love gets eroded due to lack of importance towards it. Love is a work of respect for each other. When there is no respect and importance, love walks out without serving a notice period.

5. Never-ending issues make love have a cardiac arrest

Issues in marriage never end and thus it leads to the death of love between the couple. If a marriage goes through the hailstorm of issues, all thunder strikes love.

Love dies in the meantime and there is nothing you can do unless your issues aren't solved or gone. Love once dies never appears and it is hardly ever seen again in between the couple.

These are the reasons behind the disappearance of love. In order to not let love disappear, you need to better your approach towards marriage and thus love will automatically serve you both as a couple and will fill your hearts with love for each other.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, April 25, 2018, 16:15 [IST]
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