Love Story : When First Sight Is All It Takes

By Lekhaka

Most people are of the belief that love cannot happen at first sight. If someone feels a strong attraction towards a particular person, it has to be lust. However, the case has not always been as such.

Many a times, the feelings that you have for a particular person at the first sight are the ones that are the most intense and that is what drives a person to attain an individual as his or her life partner.

love story

For someone who has been attained after so much of an effort, the need for making sure that she or he is treasured is all the more. This in turn prompts the individual to love his better half and the relationship survives every test of time.

Alok and Priya's love story is one that reiterates the importance of this fact. While most people would have rejected this attraction that happened at first sight as mere infatuation, Alok knew that this was way more than that.

It was his firm belief in his abilities and faith in their love that made Priya fall head over heels for him. Read on to know more about this story that makes us believe in the concept of love all the more.


The Responsible Son

Working in one of the most reputed IT firms of the country, Alok tried to make it home once every couple of months. Even if it were to be for a few days only, he would make sure he was there for his widowed mother. His older sister, who was married and had a family of her own, lived a couple of houses away. Yet he considered it to be his duty to take care of his mother.


The Doting Uncle

Another reason that drew Alok to his hometown of Lucknow was his nephew Ashish. The seven year old was the apple of the eye for the entire household. Every time Alok would visit home, Ashish would be eagerly waiting for the gifts that his uncle would bring for him.


The Parent & Teachers Meeting

It was during one such weekend visits that Ashish had a monthly parent teachers' meeting scheduled. His father was out of town on some business trip and the little one pleaded with his uncle to take his father's place. Although Alok was not very keen, he just could not say no to the little chap and on a Saturday morning, he found himself accompanying his sister to the meeting.


When Eyes Meet

It was in the course of the parent teachers' meeting that Alok saw Priya for the first time. Ms. Priya Sharma was Ashish's Science teacher. Their eyes met for the first time when she handed over Ashish's marks card to him. It was clear case of ‘love at first sight', and Alok immediately knew that this was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.


Collecting Information

Following this meeting, Alok knew just what he wanted from life. However, there was very little that he knew of Priya. Thus, in order to gather more information about her, he started visiting Lucknow every weekend. Being a localite had its advantages, and he was able to deploy a number of friends in and around the town to get to know her better.


Catching A Glimpse

This was followed by a period of stalking that was executed in a typical Hindi-film-like manner. However, all of Alok's efforts did bear fruit and ultimately he was able to get in touch with the love of his life, Priya.


The Thorns In The Path Of Love

However, things were not that easy for Alok. First and foremost, Priya was not in love with him. In fact, she did not even believe in the concept of love. To her, marriages were made in heaven and the only people who were custodians of heaven were her parents. Marrying against their wish was something that she could not fathom.


Convincing The Lady Love

It took considerable amount of effort on the part of Alok to get her number. Even when the exchange of numbers had happened and late-night calls were doing rounds, Priya was just not okay with the idea of dating Alok. She was crystal clear; if he had to get her, he would have to talk to her father.


The Giant Leap

Left with no other option, Alok did what was expected of him. Personally, Alok was the sort who believed in the concept of love marriage. But his love for Priya was so strong that he was ready to go to any extent to woo her. It was this love that gave him the guts to directly approach her father.


When Things Run Rough

As they say the journey of life is not a walk in the park. Despite the fact that Alok was honest enough to come and confess his love directly, Priya's father was not very happy at the prospect of marrying off his daughter to him. A retired government official, he wanted someone who was settled in Lucknow, so that his beloved daughter would not have to go far away from him.


Giving Up Hopes

Failed with rejection from both the father and daughter, Alok had no option but to give up. This pushed him to the pool of depression. Meanwhile, when Alok broke ties with Priya, a sense of realization struck her. She came to the conclusion that Alok was what completed her and a life without him would be unimaginable.


When Things Are In For A Change

It was in this sense of realization that Priya called up Alok and confessed her feelings for him. She even offered to talk to her father about the same. Once she did speak, her father could not refuse her request and he agreed to the same.


The Journey Continues

Today, it has been a year since Priya and Alok have had a grand wedding in Lucknow. They now live in Delhi and Priya has joined one of the most reputed schools here as a teacher. The couple has built a small world for themselves and they are happy in the same. Indeed, their love story is a living testimony to love that was found in the first sight.

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    Story first published: Saturday, February 3, 2018, 17:57 [IST]
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