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What Do You Think Your Relationship Needs From You?

By A Mixed Nerve

Have you ever asked yourself what a relationship asks you? Well, you need to think about it. You need to figure it out, what your relationship wants from you.

I will certainly help you out here. There are some basic requirements every relationship has from us. These basics are the reasons relationships last longer. So, what can these be? Any idea that you have in mind?

These are some of the minute and intricate details, yet very simple things that a relationship asks you. These details help relationships grow and blossom and sometimes shine bright like a diamond. All it takes is happiness and positivity of the soul to give back to the relationship all the small things it asks from us.

There are things that a relationship needs from you and you cannot deny unless you deny the relationship. Let's go through these needs.

1. Eyes Of Attention

Like a baby when born requires the attention of the parents, think of the relationship the same way. In order to make the relationship grow to blossom and shine, you need to give it the attention it asks. It won't cry, it won't show, but it will walk away from you and your partner if you don't give the attention it wants.

If you and your partner lack in giving the attention, the relationship creates differences between you and your partner. You don't want such negativity. So, start giving attention to the relationship. Simple!

2. Hands Of Trust

Trust is something a relationship craves from you and your partner. Hands of trust help the relationship walk alongside you and your partner and if there are no hands of trust there is no sign of the relationship as it doesn't know how to walk without support. Hands of trust are very vital if you are planning to grow the relationship for a very long time.

3. Honest Tongue

You and your partner need to speak with honesty as the only language. This helps the relationship to understand how to be true to you both and not betray either. Honesty is one of the major factors for the relationship to be with you. If you and your partner speak an honest language, no evil will come to the relationship's boundary.

4. Heart Of Love

The relationship asks nothing other than love from you and your partner to be with the both of you. If you don't give the heart of love to the relationship it has no lifeline to live and it just dies.

Having a heart of love filled with emotion for your partner and vice versa will gather the relationship enough feelings to stick around.

5. Loyalty In Emotion

When you and your partner share loyal emotions, the relationship tends to feel affectionate and sticks with you. The moment you stop being loyal, the relationship cries in pain, creating differences between you and your partner. These kinds of differences can be avoided when you are true and loyal and your partner is the same. All it (relationship) asks from you is you and your partner to be true in portraying your emotion and being loyal to each other.

These are the five things a relationship asks you and your partner. If you are failing in delivering these to the relationship, be certain your joyous relationship will leave you to cry.

It will desert you from the emotion of the other person. You don't want that and neither does anyone. You need to be real with your lover and see how the relationship stays happy with the two of you.

Not giving what a relationship asks you and your partner will eventually lead to a one-way ticket to the dead end of your love story. Better behave than thinking about it later. Give the relationship what it is asking from you.

If you liked reading the article, write your feedback in the comment section below.

Cheers! Give the relationship the things it wants, starting from today!

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