Things You Need To Strictly Avoid In A Healthy Relationship

Your relationship can be a playground or can be a place of worship for you and your partner. It depends on you, how you do it.

All of us have different visions when it comes to being in an ideal relationship. Some want a normal happy relationship while some want a Bollywood romance kind of relationship. It is very important for a relationship to be transparent and healthy in nature and if it is not, the relationship fails to be ideal. It terminates after a period long stretch.

avoid in a healthy relationship

Relationships are like clapping, requiring the harmony of two people at the same time. There are a lot of factors that ensure a relationship is ideal in every manner. And there are circumstances that make sure the relationship is under turbulence.

There are avoidable and unavoidable circumstances in a relationship. The avoidable circumstances are the ones that make a great deal in the relationship if not avoided.

This article lists down all the unnecessary circumstances that should be avoided in order to aim for harmony in a relationship.

1. Compare And Contrast Should Be Avoided

The worst you can do to your partner is compare him/her to anyone else, perhaps to a friend or to an ex or to a colleague in office, etc. The comparison will not only make them feel insignificant and demeaned but will also make them feel as if whatever they did was never enough for you. The act of comparison will make your partner feel inadequate and will also take away your peace of mind and contentment in regard to your relationship.

You need to avoid this in your relationship. All it does is decreases the value of your relationship and that is not how it should be. Every now and then someone somewhere else will have a better life and a relationship than yours but that doesn't mean you have got to compare your relationship or your partner with theirs. It is wrong and is an unnecessary evil. It must be eliminated from the relationship.

2. Suspicion Should Be Avoided

A relationship is all about trust and respect. It is good to keep in touch all the time, but getting overboard is wrong. You should keep in mind that you are your partner's beloved and that your partner won't cheat on you. Therefore, calling and texting and trying to be on your partner's nerve all the time is wrong and not healthy for your relationship.

3. Stop Engaging With Your Phone And Start Engaging With Your Partner

Quality time over quantity time spent together is the key to a successful relationship. Having each other's company is very important to build trust for a long-lasting relationship. Your conversations with your partner should not limit to being verbal but you should also connect on a mental and spiritual level.

And to do so it is very important that you focus your commitment and all your senses on them while being in their company.

Constant distractions such as mobile phones, laptops, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video can be a major turnoff for your partner. Fidgeting with your phone while you are in the middle of a conversation with your partner will irritate them and make them feel you give more time to your social life than towards building your relationship and you don't want your partner to think you love your phone and other methods of distractions more than them, right?

That will be wrong! So, unless it is an extremely urgent mail or call, prefer having each other's company over social media. Always remember that your phone can wait but your love life can't and shouldn't even.

4. Seeking For Eye Candy Should Be Avoided

Your eyes are the first thing that made you feel connected with your partner, right? Well, the same eyes can keep your connection with your partner hanging forever if they are not kept in check. While checking other people out in the presence of your partner might raise suspicions and doubt about your interest, checking others out in their absence will definitely raise concerns about your loyalty.

The worst scenario is when you get caught eyeing on another man/woman in public as it will surely cause trust issues and discomfort between you and your partner. It will also make your partner feel insecure and will damage your healthy relationship.

It is natural for them to think that if you are acting out this way in their presence then what would you do in their absence or have been doing. You definitely do not want such suspicion, do you? Avoiding seeking for eye candy is necessary for a healthy relationship.

These are the four essentials you need to avoid in a healthy relationship in order to keep it happy and healthy. These four are the enemies in a relationship. A relationship is all about you and your partner and if anything ever comes in between you and your partner, you need to let those go away.

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