The Perks Of Dating Someone From The Same Profession

By Shatavisha Chakravorty

Gone is the era when it was a man's primary job to fend for his family and his wife would look after his parents and family. These days, the women of the house too are marching shoulder to shoulder with their male counterparts.

This is indeed a step in the positive light. Hence, by their late teens, most kids, irrespective of their sex, make their career choice. Within the next six to seven years, they settle down in their respective professions. It is at this point of time that there arises the universal question of marriage.

The perks of dating someone from the same profession

Till a couple of decades ago, this choice was dictated by the realms of caste and creed. Today, the career and profession of the person concerned and his or her better half plays a major role in the entire decision-making process.

While in most educated households these days it is expected that the daughter-in-law will actually go out and pursue a career of her own, whether she should be of the same profession as that of her husband remains a million-dollar question.

This article explores the perks of dating someone from the same profession as you. So, go ahead and take a look at it.


Accommodating Flexible Working Hours

Doctors, nurses, call-center employees and police officers work in 24 X 7 shifts and such people often have to report for duty even at odd hours. This type of a work schedule is difficult to adjust to, especially if one does not have a supportive family. Thus, for people belonging to the aforementioned professions, the best thing to do is to date someone from the same professional world.


Having Common Goals

As a couple, people often have personal goals and aspirations about what they would like to do five or ten years down the line. By getting into a relationship with someone from the same profession as you, you will be able to link your personal goals with your professional ones (since your partner will be able to understand both these worlds of yours). This will ensure that you excel in your personal as well as in your professional life.


You Will Not Be Taken For Granted

It is often seen that one appreciates a person only when he or she is able to fully comprehend the nature of the other person's work. This is the primary reason for housewives to be taken for granted and not being given their dues for generations altogether. By exchanging vows with someone from the same profession as you, you will ensure that such a thing does not happen with you.


Planning Kids Is Easier

In every profession, there comes a point when the stress and the demand to perform well is at its peak. By marrying someone from the same profession as you, it can be ensured that you can plan to raise a family only when your career is not very demanding.


You Will Have Lots To Talk About

Often, people choose a profession because they like the same. This is exactly why people belonging to a particular profession tend to have similar likes and dislikes. When these types of people marry each other, they usually do not run out of topics to talk about. Contrary to the popular beliefs, most of the talks that such people indulge in will not be professional in nature.


Your Spouse’s Guidance Will Help You Ace Your Job

Once in a while in your career there comes a point where you will be faced with a difficult situation. You might not have absolutely a clue about what your next course of action should be. In such a situation, seeking the help from your colleagues may not be a wise decision, considering the fact that in a professional setup you do not really know who is a friend and who is a foe. At times like this, it is your spouse's advice that will help you sail through it all. After all, having two professionally qualified heads is always an edge over having just one.


It Is Easy To Sync Your Holidays

Be it materializing the vacation plan you have been harnessing for ages or spending some quality time with each other, it is always easier if you and your partner get your holidays together. Being in the same process fosters this, thereby ensuring that you get to make the most of your ‘off-time'.


Increased loyalty

Once a person chooses a profession, he or she often ends up falling in love with it. After this when the time comes for him or her to settle down with a life partner, they often experience a clash of interests. By choosing someone from the same profession, the effects of such clashes can be minimized to a great extent.

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