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    More Sex Leads To More Of Everything In Your Relationship; Why?

    By A Mixed Nerve

    Yes, you read it right!

    More sex leads to more of everything and it is true. Well, you must be thinking how can only sex make it happen and you get everything more in a relationship? Well, you need to know sex is the most intimate connection two humans can have. Nothing is beyond that!

    more sex leads to more of everything

    This is the fascinating thing that makes a human complete! Having a partner who makes your body, soul, and mind come in a single straight line and gathers every bit of you to make sex the way you want. More sex leads to more of everything in a relationship and it is true because of the way you and your partner treat each other being in love and in an amazing relationship, and it shows in the form of making love.

    You might still feel that the statement is not just because of that; then what else can be the reason? To ease you out, I have formulated some points that would do justice to the statement.

    Let's go through the points that justify the statement.

    1. More Sex Leads To More Positivity

    Sex being an emotional stress buster and physical exercise helps in bringing more positivity into the picture of your relationship. Positivity matters a lot and having more sex gathers more positivity for each other.

    Positivity is a necessity in the relationship as it helps you and your partner get to the level of love for each other you cannot even think about. Positivity keeps making you move forward and hope for everything to be the way you want it to be. This positivity leads you to have a better life with your partner.

    Having a lot of sex intensifies the bonding between you and your partner. This develops a positivity together and this positivity is for the relationship to grow within each other.

    2. More Sex Leads To Less Stress

    Sex is a very intimate affair. Having more sex reduces the stress. The stress this generation generates involves a lot of pain and in order to release this stress, you and your partner should engage in sex. It just doesn't help you feel better but also it brings you and your partner closer to each other.
    Stress is a health condition and it leads to various diseases and sex helps you out of it. More the sex, less the stress and the diseases associated with it.

    3. More Sex Leads To More Intimacy

    Sex is often a form of intimacy and this intimacy increases ten-fold or more when there is more of sex associated with the relationship. The need for sex is a must in the relationship. More than a need, it is the want to have sex and this helps in gathering more intimacy between couples.

    As a couple, you must exercise sex as a part of growing intimacy in between you. Sex is the factor that builds the level of intimacy in between two lovers. Loving is a form of intimacy that never runs out of charm as long as sex is involved.

    Build that level of intimacy with more sex involved in it to see you and your partner soaring high.

    4. More Sex Leads To Better Communication

    More sex is the form of having more communication as sex is a form of communication between two individuals. Sex can be a way of stimulating communication in the physical and emotional forms.
    Sex is all about the beauty of the soul connecting with another and it is the best possible way to guide two lovers be united as one.

    When the body connects with another in the form of making love, the flesh of the individuals, communicate with each other. It is the way they sweat that speaks volumes of emotional and physical communication.

    5. More Sex Leads To More Affection

    More the sex, merrier the relationship!

    More sex always leads a couple to have the highest level of affection for each other. You cannot disagree to this and none can ever. Affection is induced by physical and emotional communication. Emotional communication comes from the verbal and physical acts that lovers do for each other.

    More the sex, more the involvement of hormones and hormones are the chemical substances that make a person feel for another and these hormones are the action initiator between lovers.

    If you want you and your partner to be more affectionate you got to have more of sex and making love. The summoning of hormones is by this and the love you portray for each other which comes from this sex.

    6. More Sex Leads To More Spark In The Relationship

    Inducing more amount of sex in the relationship induces greater levels of spark between the couple. This spark is a necessity in the relationship as it builds the love for each other.

    The moment you lay your eyes on your partner you get that spark of the wonderful night you spent with each other. This spark helps you and your partner in the long way of the relationship. It is the spark that creates everything, the love, the bonding, the communication, the intimacy we all talk about, the trust, and the happiness in each other's eyes.

    These 6 are the most important reasons that having more sex provides. In order to feel the relationship you are in, you need to have more of intimacy and sex. More the sex, more is the connection between you and your partner and that is the only way you can make everything better in favour of you and your partner in the relationship and for a very long time.

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