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    Long Distance Relationship; Activites To Keep Up The Love Connection

    Missing your partner today? Well, you can start doing activities with them even if you and your partner are in a long distance relationship. We usually work hard for our relationships to get better every day but when we are in a long distance relationship the 'working hard' part gets harder and we double it or more to keep up the love and the happiness in the relationship.

    Long distance relationships are often cursed by lovers and none want to be in this kind of relationship. Everyone thinks of this relationship as a plague for their love. But if you are in this relationship, you know the beauty of it as well. Like each and every relationship, this relationship also shares a similar kind of passion, the passion of being in love with each other even when the couple is hundreds of miles apart from the other.

    long distance relationship

    These relationships bring the best of the love to the picture. It is hard, and none will argue. But the amazement it brings in the relationship is commendable. The longing for each other and desire to be in the arms are not fulfilled all the time but when it is, the pleasure is breathtaking for a couple.

    To keep the torch lit with the fuel of love in the long distance relationship, there are some activities which will definitely help you and your partner in sticking together and making the best out of the love that you and your partner share.

    Fun Activities For Couples In Long Distance Relationships

    1. Play Multiplayer Online Games

    A fun activity to keep your love on the loop. To spend more time together you and your partner can indulge in multiplayer games online and start being in connection with the gaming world. You can find all sorts of multiplayer games like poker, chess, arcade games, racing games and even shooting games.

    2. Listen To Music

    Well, you both can share your music library with each other and can listen to the same music. You can also listen to the same online radio station. This is a fun activity to keep you and your partner occupied. You can even make mixtapes for your partner and mail it to them.

    3. Make An Escape Plan

    If you and your partner are creative, then you can make each other a puzzle with questions. You can mail them the same and look into the answers. These puzzles can be based on real-life scenarios or imaginative ones. Make your partner draw an escape route for you by solving the puzzle of questions. It is interesting and at the same time will help you connect on a deeper level.

    4. Wrap Memories In Photos

    If you and your partner are posers, then you both can send each month a set of new photos. This will keep the intimacy intact and will also help you keep memories. Memories are very important in love and especially when it is a long distance relationship

    5. Do The LDR Bucket List

    You both can do a bucket list together. Things that you both wanted to do, you can make a bucket list of it. So every time you both are far, you look forward to the next meet in order to check out one or many from the list.

    You can also make a solo bucket list for your partner and so will your partner do one for you. Then try to complete that list before you both meet next time. You can talk about it until then. Show each other the bucket list and how many you both have done from it.

    6. Video Chat Your Way

    Every LDR couple has done video chat but what else can you do in to make it more interesting? You can try impersonating couples or even do a live video act of mimicking some other couples. It might be a celebrity or a known couple. These little video acts energise the love between the two of you.

    These 6 are some of the fun activities you and your partner can do.

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