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How To Find Out Your Girlfriend Is Possessive?

Is your girlfriend a possessive person? Does this habit make her dominating?

One thing is certain, she is madly in love with you and cares a lot about you and is highly concerned about your whereabouts. But is it okay for you to answer her every query and abide by all of her advice? There are relationships which crumble because of such acts. There is a minute gap in between showing abundant care because of love and abundant care because of insecurity. Girlfriends often cross this thin gap and start strangulating the life of their boyfriend. Water can be filled till the brim but a drop more causes it to spill.

There are certain signs that girlfriends show through which you can understand that your woman is possessive.

Let's start digging deeper into the hunt for the signs.

Signs Of A Possessive Girlfriend

1. She Tries To Intimidate

She makes you listen to her always. It is a courtesy on your side to listen but when she keeps saying "hear me out", be certain she is trying to overpower you. She will tell you the ways in which you should plan your day and what all to do, etc. If you do not listen, she starts showing aggression and dominance and it can scare you in many ways.

2. She Spies On You

She spies on your conversations and your phone calls. She hides and listens to your calls with your friend. At times, she goes through your messages and your social media accounts just to see with whom you have conversations. She makes it obvious then.

3. She Decides Your Clothing

This tells you, your girlfriend is possessive. She starts keeping an eye on what you wear to places. And after a certain point of time, she keeps telling you to wear this and that and keeps guiding you to dress the way she wants to see you. This kills your personal space and your idea of the way you want to suit yourself.

4. She Makes You Think She Loves You

She tells you that she loves you. But her way of expressing is wrong. Or she doesn't know how to express for she expresses love only by being overprotective and aggressive. Even if you bring this toxic behaviour into her notice, she would call it all love and nothing else.

5. She Becomes Aggressive To What You Say

Her normal reaction towards whatever you say is aggression and this shows her possessiveness and overprotective attitude taking over. Even if you talk on a lighter note, she talks back in aggression.

6. She Keeps Saying She Is Always Right

This is a very common sign of being an overprotective boyfriend. She won't ever miss an opportunity to prove she is right and makes you feel inferior. She will go beyond boundaries just to prove her point, even if doesn't add up to any value in the relationship, she still makes sure to prove in front of you.

7. Jealousy Runs Through The Veins

She is insanely jealous, and keeps telling you about the love you give. She keeps on telling you about how bad you treat her even when it is not true. She compares your love with her and says you don't give the love back the way she gives.

8. She Cannot Stand You Praising Someone

Over possessive girlfriends cannot stand their lovers speaking highly of anyone. She shows dislike towards the people who belong to the high rankings in your list.

9. She Wants Your Life To Only Revolve Around Her

She makes your life impossible to live, as she wants you to revolve all the time around her, caring to all her expectations, needs and demands. She keeps texting when you are outside and wants you to be busy texting her. She doesn't care what you are doing. All she wants is you to reply quick and respond to her calls if you are out.

10. She Blames You For Everything

She keeps finding fault in everything that you do. She knowingly does this just to keep you grounded and under her command. She blames you if anyone unknown texts you or calls, or even if someone known proposes you out of nowhere. She dislikes each time you make a new friend of the opposite sex.

These 10 signs prove that your girlfriend is being possessive, and it is high time for you to end the relationship so that you have a happier time rather than succumbing to her words and mental and physical torture.

If you have any queries regarding the problems in relationship and marriage, feel free to write to us in the comment section below. We will get back with an article based on your query.

Story first published: Friday, June 8, 2018, 20:18 [IST]