Love Story: For Love That Is Pure

By Shatavisha Chakravorty

It is one of the stereotypes that our generation associates with itself and goes on to think that love can only be found in that of a couple. However, this is far from being true.

The purest form of love is that between a child and his or her parent. Now, not everyone is blessed to have the good fortune of receiving the love of their parents from a young age and some of them end up craving the same in every relationship that they build later on in life.

love story

This relationship is also reciprocal in nature. What this means is that parents give their immense love and invest a lot of their youth in their children. In return, it is expected that children shoulder the responsibility of their parents in old age and give them a lot of love.

Failing to do this leaves them thirsty for love. Read on to know more about the story of the 60-something Mr. Kailash Sen and the youthful Dr. Sunaina Pathak.


The Kailash Backdrop

It had been a year since Kailash Sen had moved to the plush CR Park area of Delhi. His only son, Anoop had bought a 1RK flat here. It'd been over a decade that Anoop had moved to the US with his wife and daughter and felt that it was easy for him to reach out to his father if the later shifted to Delhi.


Emotions Involved

Being forced to relocate out of his 4000 sqft bungalow at Dumdum, Mr. Sen often felt claustrophobic in this 500 sqft third-floor apartment. Moreover, he did not know anyone around. The familiar feel, the evening ‘adda' was what he missed the most.


The Lonely Girl

Sunaina was born and brought up in a well-to-do North Indian family settled in Kolkata. However, she grew up unloved. Her parents wanted a male child. Due to some complications during her birth, her mother was not able to conceive a child again. All this led to her parents hating her.

Thus, when she finally graduated as a doctor, her first goal was to save up enough money to be able to afford the down payment for a bungalow in some posh area of the city.


Dreams Realized

After eight years of working in one of the most reputed nursing homes of the city, a year ago, Sunaina was finally able to afford a plush 4000 sqft bungalow. She felt that life will be all happy and gay when she will finally shift to her dream home.

However, that was far from being true. An eerie loneliness would haunt her every night. The well-educated Dr. Sunaina Pathak was not one to be let down by things like this and she merely ignored all of it.


A Bridge Between The Two

One fine morning, as Sunaina was getting ready for work, the calling bell rang. She rushed her way down the antique stairs to fetch it. There was a government official with a notice which stated that Land tax had not been payed for the last nine years and if the same was not cleared within a month, it would lead to stringent action against her.

Now she had bought the place merely a year ago from some Mr. Anoop Sen. Sunaina thanked the official and as soon as he left the place, she dialed up Anoop's number. The cell was switched off. She then looked up some documents with the aim of finding his current address.

It landed her with ‘13/5 C.R. Park, New Delhi'. Left without an option (the tax amount including penalty came to a whooping Rs. 1.2 lakh), Sunaina booked a round trip to Delhi for the next weekend.


The Shock

It is in this way, that one late Saturday evening Sunaina ended up in the doorstep of 1/5 C.R. Park. She had expected the gentleman from whom she had brought the bungalow to be at the door; at the maximum it could have been his wife.

Thus, she was pretty much taken aback to see a 60-something man open the door for her. The young cardiac surgeon soon gained her composure and told the man her story. She even showed him the property papers and the tax due papers. It was Mr. Sen's turn to be shocked. How could his son dupe him to sell off his beloved ancestral house!


The Departure

The gentleman that he was, Mr. Sen gave Sunaina a cheque. Soon Sunaina left the place. After all, she was scheduled to catch a flight in a couple of hours. However, there was something about this man that struck.

At many levels she connected with his loneliness. Thus, soon after returning to Kolkata, she started calling him on a regular basis. Soon phone calls gave way to video calls on Skype and the two of them became closer to each other than they have been with anyone else in a long time.


The Birthday

Sunaina was an independent young girl and maybe that is why birthdays weren't a big deal to her. She was used to spending them alone. Thus, when she found Mr. Kailash Sen at her doorstep on her birthday morning, it was the best gift that she could have asked for.

He was scheduled to stay with her for two days before boarding the return flight. Those two days, Sunaina ended up creating more memories than she had done all her life.


The Union

It was the night before Mr. Sen was due to leave the place that Sunaina made up her mind. She walked straight to the former and confessed her feelings for him. She went on to tell him how much his love and affection meant to her and how that was the very thing that she had craved for since childhood. By the end of the conversation, teary eyed Mr. Sen and a sobbing Dr. Sunaina hugged each other.


The Story Thereon

Since then, the duo have been living a blissful life in their bungalow in Ballygongue. Sunaina has been progressing all the way higher in her career. Mr. Kailash has regained his youthful vigour and is growing younger by the day. I do not know how to classify and categorize this type of life. But one thing I know for sure is the fact that this is love in its purest form.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, January 16, 2018, 16:29 [IST]
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