Facts About Love That Will Blow Your Mind

The strongest human emotion, love is something that has transcended generations. It is indeed love that has held human beings close to each other and has fostered relationships among them. Without this primary emotion of love, no blood relationship will hold any value.

Indeed, as per everyone's belief, love is something that cannot be quantified. How else will you explain the feeling that a mother experiences towards her child? The desire to protect the kid from all forms of impending danger is innate in her.

facts about love that will blow your mind

If this is not love, I do not know what is. Again, it is not fair to assume that love is something that exists only between a mother and a child or between people who are related by blood. In fact, love is something that is found in the most unexpected of places.

It is this love that binds couples together and makes them tie the nuptial bond. Over the years, it is love that makes them stay in holy matrimony and start (and even raise) a family together.

In our short existence on earth, all of us have been fortunate enough to experience love in varied forms from a number of people. Some of us may even claim to know a lot on the subject. Here is a list of ten facts on love, which not many people may know about. Read on.


1. The Urge To Get In A Romantic Relationship Is Biological

Just like how the emotions of hunger and thirst are beyond our control and we cannot help feeling hungry or thirsty once in a while, similarly the desire to be love and be loved is also primitive and very normal. Contrary to popular beliefs, the urge to be loved is dominant for a greater period of a man's life as compared to the urge to indulge in sexual activities.


2. Difficult To Hide

You must be aware of how difficult it is to consciously hide your relationship from the others. While you may be blaming the Indian society which is notorious for its lack of privacy, the fact remains that making efforts to hide your relationship from the world actually increases the romantic feelings you have towards each other.


3. Being Grateful In Love

Since childhood we have been taught that one must be thankful and grateful enough as an act of courtesy towards the person who has done you some good. However, this fact alters itself when that ‘person' is someone you love. Research has shown that expressing gratitude towards a person you love will make you feel good and make your happiness accelerate in an exponential manner.


4. Obsession About The Person You Love

Being in love changes a person not just emotionally but also hormonally. It causes a steep drop in the level of serotonin. Low serotonin, as we all know, is a symptom of OCD. Hence, it will not be too farfetched to say that being in love may well lead you to be obsessed with your partner.


5. Men Are More Emotionally Affected In A Relationship

In spite of all the ‘macho man' image that men usually carry along, the fact remains that once they fall in love, they get way more emotionally attached than their female counterparts. That is why they fare worse emotionally when a relationship ends. This is all the way truer for men in their 20s.


6. Love At First Sight

Having eye contact with a stranger for a considerable amount of time triggers certain hormones in an individual, which makes one fall in love with him or her. This fact has been established scientifically and hence we can safely sat that ‘Love at first sight' is not just a mere hypothesis.


7. Being Dumped Makes You Fall In Love

No one likes being dumped and this brings out a feeling of "frustration attraction". The more the person who was dumped loved the partner, the greater his "frustration attraction" will be. This form of ‘attraction' often makes the person who was dumped lust and fall for the other person all the more.


8. Looking At The Picture Of The Person You Love Lessens Physical Pain

As cliché as it sounds, the fact remains that holding the hands of the person you love enables you to bring down your stress level. If due to some reason that is not possible, the next best thing possible is to look at the picture of the person concerned. Doctors agree that this not just helps to reduce the physical pain but also is helpful for treating traumatic patients.

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