Types Of Relationships We See Around

By Soham Senapati

Every couple is different and so is every relationship. Relationships are very unique. They might be generalized into one word but when dug deeper, they tend to differ from one another.

Before you find the one, you go on dating a bunch of short temporary schemes. And then you settle for the lucky one built vibrantly on colours of mutual respect, sexual attraction and love.

Different types of relationship

We face all kinds of relationships until then.

Let's see the various types of relationships that prevail today in our society and figure out in which one we are in.

1. Dominating Relationship:-

We all have dated someone who has dominated us at some point or the other in our life. They tend to make the rules of the relationship and we have to follow them. This relationship makes you feel spineless. The rules mostly are hideous. This makes you feel anxious to speak your heart out.

Different types of relationship

2. Open Relationship:-

This type of relationship mostly works when both partners are not much emotionally connected to each other. They tend to respect each other and stay in a relationship; but are free to sleep with other people. It doesn't bother either of the partners.

3. Working Hard Relationship:-

You both make a lot of changes to be with each other. You certainly work hard for this relationship to work in your favour. You even go up to the extent of changing the way you talk, dress, socialize and also you change your priorities. You look happy to the outside world but are not so from the inside. This is one of the most exhausting relationships you can get into. Trust me.

4. Temporary Relationship:-

This is a short-term relationship, where both the partners get into but don't make future plans. You both enjoy each other's company and sex. It is just a distraction relationship for a while and ends pretty soon when one of the partner seeks for a proper relationship.

Different types of relationship

5. Long Distance Relationship:-

In every romantic phase, you will find yourself in a long-distance relationship. You will tell yourself that your relationship will work the best and you can take it to the level of marriage. You will meet your lover once in a month or more than that. It will be like a vacation meet. But, eventually, it will end either because of you or because of your partner.
There are very few couples who make it big and end up marrying.

6. Codependent Relationship:-

In this either you or your partner will be dependent and cannot work without the other person. It makes you feel anxious and depressed when your partner isn't around. This leads to eventually other sectors of your life being affected.

7. Independent Relationship:-

This is the most powerful relationship, you think. But in this, both the partners are extremely independent and never compromise or sacrifice for the relationship. You put yourself ahead of your partner. Love is not at all priority in this relationship.

Different types of relationship

8. Live-in Relationship:-

It is also called the cohabitation relationship. Here, an unmarried couple live together in a long-term relationship that resembles a marriage. Couples these days prefer to first check their compatibility, for which they first get into live-in realtionships and then try their luck.

These eight relationship types are the ones that we come across mostly these days amongst couples. There is no perfect relationship but always two people working towards attaining the perfection and that is when any relationship becomes a true and pure one. If you are into any of these realtionship types, try to discuss the problems and make it happen according to both your needs.

If you got insight about these relationships and you think you can add more points to it, please write them in the comment section.

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