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    Love Story: Call Of The Wild Couple

    By Shatavisha

    All thanks to Hindi and regional movies, these days, people are often of the belief that love can be found only in the most uncommon of places.

    Some people even go to the extent of believing that love can be found only in people whose ideologies and professions are completely different from each other. However none of this is true.

    love story

    The fact remains that often people who share the same likes and dislikes end up choosing similar careers. These types of people often end up having a lot to talk about. For a couple, the greater the number of topics to talk about, the better the conversation will be and stronger will be the bond.

    That is the type of relationship that will last long and will culminate in a 'happily ever after' ending. Read on to know about Alisha and Aman and how this unusual couple turned all the hurdles in their path to milestones for success.


    The Wanderer

    Alisha was a rebel. Since her childhood days when her parents wanted her to be a doctor, she fought to be a photographer. Thus, in a nutshell, she always had to do what she was told not to. It was this rebel in her that made her take up a course in wildlife photography from a prestigious institute and start a career in the same.


    The Wildlife Enthusiast

    Since childhood, flora and fauna was what amused Aman. At a time when his friends would spend evenings playing cricket, Aman would be happily playing in the corner with a street dog. As the years passed by, Aman's interest expanded from that of dogs to other animals and birds. It was this interest that made him take up ornithology as a subject of study. Soon, at a very young age, he was able to establish himself as a well-known bird watcher.


    The Meeting

    Alisha and Aman met in a very formal meeting at one of the most posh hotels in Delhi. Their respective firms were set for collaboration and both of them were deputed to work in the same project. In the next couple of days, Alisha and Aman were due to go to Chilka Lake in Orrisa and work on a documentary on the migratory birds that grace the largest saltwater lake every winter. There was something about that meeting and the spark that it created.


    The Courtship

    What that first meeting failed to create was something the two months of the project compensated for. Having left with no other friends than each other, Alisha and Aman began to spend more and more time with each other. This friendship soon progressed to love and the couple found solace in each other. The two months of the project was the best time for the both of them.


    The Practical Side

    But just like all good things have to come to an end, so did their project. With this, Aman had to move back to Mumbai and Alisha had to report to her office in Kolkata. Now, as is obvious, for two people with such an uncommon profession, being in a long-distance relationship was not easy. The relationship was indeed going through a roller-coaster ride. This went on for two long years, at the end of which Alisha decided that enough was enough and she now had to move to Mumbai.


    The Reunion

    Searching for a job in an unknown city is no child's play. This statement is all the way more true when we speak of an expensive city like Mumbai. But after going to Mumbai, she found immense love and support in her beau. It was his support which helped her get a job there in less than a month. With both their careers set and their love life being at an all-time high, the couple was ready to take the relationship to the next level.


    The Marriage And Journey Thereon

    In a couple of months, since Alisha took up her new job, the couple got married in a temple in Mallad. It was a simple, homely affair with only close relatives and friends involved. Following their wedding, the couple has been living a blissful life and has been answering their call of the wild all the more. Here's wishing this unusual couple a lifetime of togetherness.

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    Story first published: Thursday, February 15, 2018, 18:56 [IST]
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