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Are You Spending A Lot Of Time Together? You Should Avoid It!

By A Mixed Nerve

It is not about spending a lot of time together but it is all about spending quality time. Spending too much time together is nothing but a superficial feeling of feeling loved. But to be honest it is the other way around and the relationship doesn't last if you spend a lot of time together.

There are many reasons to this which will be revealed below.

But the question is are you spending a lot of time?

Think about it! I want you to look into the depth of the relationship and feel if this is helping you or not.

Is the time being an effective way to bring us closer?

Hear the pendulum swing while thinking if the relationship is becoming better after spending a lot of time. If you are at the start of a new relationship, it might look like it is but if you are already past the honeymoon phase in the relationship, think about the question again.

What is making you think that the relationship is getting better by spending way too much time with each other?

Think about the reasons why you are spending so much time with your partner. This will give you a closer look and approach towards the relationship.

Let me get it straight to you. What are your reasons to spend more time with your partner?

Think about it, darling! Think deep!

There are a lot of factors that are involved as two people welcome a relationship together. Time, feelings, environment, economy, and a lot many others come into the picture when a relationship is formed.

In the start, it feels good and it is also for the relationship that you spend time together.

When does this addiction of being with each other get over the head?

Let's see the reasons that you should know in order to avoid spending too much time with each other and how it harms the relationship.

1. You Are Making Your Partner Your Whole World

If you do everything with your partner, you probably don't get to have many experiences or memories which don't include them. When you spend all your time with your partner, hardly do you give any time to yourself and this makes you have no memories of your own or any possible experience that you had on your own. None!

It is not that it is a bad thing to experience life with the person you love. But at the same time, it is important to have your own time and do things on your own and along with them.

This will not only enable you to gather more experience, but it will also make you and your partner feel away from each other. This increases the bonding as well.

2. You Need Your Friends As Well!

Friends are an important part of your life and now that you have got a partner, doesn't mean you will forget your friends. It is natural to make your partner your top priority, but that doesn't mean you should be losing track of your friendship.

Your friendships will change when you get older as everyone gets busy with their own careers and following their own path. But no one becomes too busy to catch up with friends over drinks, once a month. Friendship matters a lot and spending a lot of time takes away the time you wanted to spend with your friends and vice versa.

It makes your friendship era seem lesser than your era of relationship. This, in turn, creates a difference between you and your friends. Do not let that happen. Understand, as much as a relationship is required in life, it is the same with friendships.

3. You Start To Become Way Too Much Comfortable

Once you start spending all your time together, you start taking each other for granted. Even if we deny, in-depth we know that it does affect. It is definitely not a bad thing to be comfortable with the person you are in a relationship with, but being too comfortable can mean you are not trying anymore. You just assume everything is fine and you are together, no matter the reasons.

This is not how healthy relationships work. You always need to put efforts into making things better than it used to be. You need to make your relationship evolve every now and then and being too comfortable with your partner doesn't help in doing that.

4. You Never Miss Each Other

You think being with each other is beautiful. It is unless you start feeling the need of missing each other. The want that should drive you and your partner in a meeting as much as you can is the want of each other or when you miss your SO. But if you are always spending time together, you do not feel the urge of missing each other. This is the problem that makes the relationship fall apart and you don't need that.

In order to have a healthy relationship, you need to feel the urge of meeting as you start missing the person. Do it right from now on!

5. You Have Talked About Everything

The conversation barrier starts when there is nothing to talk about. It happens when a couple spends a lot of time together without even thinking that they are finally going to run out of topics and then there would be a moment when one starts saying crap in the relationship just to keep the conversation going. This is not the way of divulging in conversations with each other. The intimacy in verbal conversation runs out of its fuel.

You should not dwell in this phase as it turns out to be brutal for the relationship.

Tell me your thoughts on this article in the comment section below.


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