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Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Stole Your Shirt

The first few dates and sleepovers could be thrilling when you are in love with someone. You tend to have many new experiences that make you wonder how beautiful life is.

One such sweet memory is your girlfriend stealing your shirt and trying to wear it! Yes, when you are in deep love with your woman, you may occasionally notice your girlfriend craving to wear your shirt especially when you are both spending intimate time.

If you are the girlfriend, then wearing your boyfriend's shirt may thrill you. Here are some reasons why...


When She Touches It, She Can Feel Your Proximity

One reason could be to fill your absence with the presence of your shirt. When she wears it, she may feel the warmth of your hug.


Your Shirt Smells Like You...

When she holds the shirt and sniffs it, the smell of your body may make her feel good even in your absence.


It Stirs Cuddling Memories

Whenever she misses you, she can open the cupboard and stare at your shirt that she has stole from you to relive the sweet cuddling memories.


She Can Show Off...

When her friends come home for a party, she can proudly show off your shirt which stands like a token of love between you two.


Could It Be Due To Pheromones?

Pheromones are nothing but chemicals that can attract the opposite sex. May be pheromones make your girlfriend steal your shirt and wear it.


You Stole Her Heart So She Stole Your Shirt!

This is another reason why she must have stolen your shirt. She feels that is the best way to settle scores with you as you have stolen her heart.


Scientific Reason

If a woman enjoys the scent of a man's shirt or tries to keep it with her, it could mean that she is biologically interested in bearing his baby and is willing to be a mother of his kids.

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