Why You Shouldn't Touch Her On First Date

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Don't be so fast. Don't try to touch her in the first meeting. Just because she came out on a date with you, it doesn't mean that she is ready for everything with you.

It may backfire. Not only that; there are several other reasons why you should avoid physical touch on the first date.

Of course, it is tough to control your desires when a beautiful woman is in front of you. But still, you need some self control if you don't want trouble for yourself or your partner. Read on...


She May Feel Violated

This is the first side effect. If she feels violated, she may become angry at you. Before even knowing her moods, likes and dislikes if you attempt to touch her, she may take it seriously.

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She May Think You Are In A Hurry

Even if she doesn't feel violated, she may get an impression that you are in a hurry to sleep with someone. And that's a bad image you have created for yourself.


She Might Feel Scared

If she feels scared, there wouldn't be a second date with you. She will slip away and block you on phone and Facebook too.


Pleasure Can Misguide You

Okay, even if he enjoys your touch and hugs you, its not the right thing to do on a first date. Why? A touch gives you so much of pleasure that you tend to go blind. You can't think rationally about your compatibility.

Without figuring outs such aspects, if you just jump into a relationship basing on the physical sensations, you are buying misery.

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She Might Slap You

This is the most awkward situation. What if she simply slaps you after you try to touch her? Be a gentleman and wait till she too decides to touch you. It might take a few more meetings and a lot more dates. But patience pays.

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You Are Sending The Wrong Signal

By trying to touch her on a first date, you are telling her that physical experience is more important than many other aspects of life.

That's a wrong message you are sending. There are so many important things that should be in place to start a relationship.

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