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'Love Isn't Enough' Says A Study!

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A new study has come with an unexpected answer! The objective of the study is to determine what binds a couple together forever.

Of course, most of us quickly jump to conclusions and say words like attraction, love, chemistry, understanding, healthy communication and so on.

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But this study came up with a different answer. Let us find out what it says about the ingredients of long lasting relationships.


Fact #1

This study determined that 'respect' is the only ingredient that can save a relationship in the long run. Most of us would wonder why respect is important.


Fact #2

Attraction can bring two people together. Chemistry can help the couple enjoy each other's company.

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Love can help them survive the ups and downs of life. But that is not all. If the relationship has to stay strong for a lifetime, respect is required, say experts!


Fact #3

What is respect? And why should you respect your partner? Well, respect is a beautiful feeling that reminds you every moment that your partner is nothing but an extension of your own self.


Fact #4

When you have respect, you will never take that person for granted. Respect will remind you that your partner is not just an object of pleasure. Your partner is not a toy. He or she is something more than that.

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Fact #5

Respect reminds you that you are not here to control someone. The way you respect your own self, you will respect your extended self (that is your partner). That brings the beauty into the relationship.


Fact #6

Respect makes you wake up everyday and see what you can do for your relationship. It helps you constantly think how you wish to add value to the relationship.


Fact #7

Love shouldn't be underestimated though respect is an important ingredient. Love has its own role. It gives bliss, joy and proximity on which a bond is strengthened. But from there, respect can take over to save the relationship.


Fact #8

Last but not the least; ask yourself this question. When you have respect towards someone, can you throw your frustration on them just because of an angry moment? NO.

That is how respect can prolong the lifespan of relationships. The ugliness of arguments will be replaced with patience and positive vibes when you have respect towards your partner!

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