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    Why Do Girls Change Their Habits After They Fall In Love?

    By Shabana Kachhi

    We Girls often find ourselves in search of that someone special, whom we can fall in love with. The perfect Guy who understand us and listen to us.

    For most of us, the idea of a perfect love story stems from the countless number of Bollywood movies we are constantly exposed to, since childhood. Girls dream of a perfect someone who they will accidently meet and fall in love just at first sight.

    why do girls change their habits after they fall in love

    Falling in love is a wonderful feeling. You get a mixture of feelings every time you see your crush. Your heart beats faster, there are butterflies in your stomach and you are just not able to concentrate on the task at hand. Day dreaming episodes increase and your colleagues always find you lost in thoughts. But did you know that there is a scientific reason behind all these feelings?

    Studies have shown that being in love activates those centers of the brain which are commonly associated with addiction to cocaine. This is why they say that love is an addictive feeling. When we are in love, our body secretes hormones such as Oxytocin- the happy hormone, Adrenaline- the excitement inducing hormone and Vasopressin- the territorial hormone. All these hormones create a mixture of feeling in love.

    When we girls are in love, we are in a completely different world. They say that Love change everything. A lot of girls in love see a lot of changes in themselves. These changes are caused due to the various emotions that they feel for their partner. If you are in love, you might be able to relate to these changes. It may also make you wonder if you are the same person as before. Do not worry. You haven't changed. It is just normal to feel little changes in your behavior because of the entry of someone special in your life.

    A few changes are normal when we are in love. Things that we used to love before may not be our liking now. If you were a big fan of watching Drama flicks, you might be more inclined towards romantic movies now. Long drives even after a hectic day may appeal to you more now. Staying up late at night may be a norm as that is the perfect time to catch up with your partner. You might change your preferences slowly according to your partner's. After all, it's all about understanding and adjustments to make a relationship work.

    All these changes do not certainly take you away from the real you, it is just that you feel a certain way when you are in love. You feel like spending every waking minute of your life with that special someone.All this is how our emotional brains are wired.

    If you notice the below changes in yourself, then congratulations!! You are in love.


    1) Listening to more romantic numbers

    Have you often wondered why you are more inclined to romantic songs when you are in love? It is just that these songs get more relatable when we are in the same situation. Hence, we tend to like them more nad listen to them often.


    2) Day dreaming

    It is a very common side-effect of love. If you are typically focused person at work, chances are, you might be day dreaming about your man more often. This is because we are constantly thinking about that person which leads to day dreaming about them.


    3) Avoid social media or friends

    You have had enough of hanging out with friends, now all you want to do is spend some alone time with your partner. If you were the one to always initiate plans for outings in your groups then you will certainly be missed by your friends, who think that you are giving your love life priority over them.


    4) Excessive possessiveness

    When you are in love, you might feel possessive about your partner and may require his undivided attention. This may happen because you do want your partner to think about anyone else. This feeling might be new to you and it is completely normal as long as it is in limits.


    5) More care on self-grooming

    If you are not the one to visit parlours regularly, you might feel the urge to visit them more often after entering into a relationship. This can be because you want to look the best for your partner all the time. This may also encourage your partner to show you off to his friends. Putting some extra efforts into your daily grooming routine will also make your partner feel special.


    6) Walking into any unfamiliar territory

    If you are the stay-at-home kind of person and your partner is the adventurous kind, you would want to do anything to make your partner happy. This includes taking part in activities outside your comfort zone, which you refused to do with your friends earlier. Love can make us do strange things indeed...


    7) Changing your wardrobe

    Girls are very serious when they are in a relationship and take note of every small thing. You might notice your partner having a particular taste in clothes worn by the opposite gender and you might want to change preference according to him, just to get that little bit of attention from him. This goes a long way in keeping the spark alive.


    8) Taking care of your diet and health

    After entering into a relationship, you are more inclined towards taking more care of your health and also try to look good for your partner. You may be more conscious of your diet and weight now.

    This change of habits after falling in love with some may or may not be conscious. Although, your partner loves you for what you are, you just can't help yourself. It is just that we start thinking about the other person more than ourselves. We always want look perfect for them and avoid doing things they don't like, even if it means changing a few habits here and there. That is the power of Love.

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    Story first published: Saturday, November 25, 2017, 15:31 [IST]
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