Things To Tick Before Popping The “Will You Marry Me” Question

By Shabana

Human beings are essentially social creatures. We need to be in the company of others. But apart from that, all of us long for that special someone in life, whom we want to spend the rest of our lives with.

Marriage is a very big step in everyone's life. Committing to one person and sharing your life with them in very complicated, but it is all the more special if you have found the right person. If you are in a relationship since a long time and are both happy and compatible with each other, then it is time to finally pop the question.

But what makes up for a happy marriage? Years of researches have proved that finding the right partner is the most essential requirement for a happy marriage. If you have a right support system besides you, you can scale to greater heights in life. Your partner should be responsible, mature, understanding and most importantly, should understand you and all your whims, fancies, highs and lows.

things to ask before you get married

It so happens that today's generation is very fickle-minded. They get attracted to other people for various reasons. Even when they are in a relationship, they may not be able to make up their minds on whether he/she is the one or not.

If you are in a steady relationship for quite some time and are happy, then your significant other would definitely be waiting for you to pop the question. But marriage is a very important decision and only happiness factor should not let you decide. There are other factors to consider before deciding if your partner is the right one for you or not as well.

So, here is a checklist that you should consider before popping the question to your significant other half. Take a look.


Do You Have The Same Life Goals?

This is a very important thing to consider when it comes to a marriage. Will your partner continue to work after marriage? What will be the important milestones in your life? If you're planning on a career change, will your partner support you both emotionally and financially? Do you see yourselves together and successful in the future too? Go ahead only when the reply to all the questions is positive.


Does Your Partner Get Along With Your Family?

Marriages in India don't involve just the couple. Their families too are equally important. Your partner should feel comfortable in the company of your family members. Otherwise, there are chances of family events getting too awkward for the both of you. If your family doesn't approve of your choice of partner, it may be a red flag.


Does Your Partner Keep Your Interests Above His/Hers?

There will be times in a marriage where your partner has to let go of what is best for him/her and choose what is best for you. It doesn't mean that he/she should be ready to make sacrifices for you; it just means that the relationship is more important to them than themselves.


Is Your Partner Serious About The Relationship And Ready To Commit?

Has your partner given you the signs of settling down? Is he/she hinting he/she wants to spend the rest of their life with you? Then you can go ahead and pop the question. There are chances of your proposal getting rejected if your partner still needs time to decide or is just not ready for a commitment.


Is Your Partner Emotionally Supportive Of You And Your Decisions?

Do you find yourself often arguing with your partner about little things in life? Do they often feel that you are taking a wrong decision when you feel the opposite? Chances are that this trend might continue well after marriage too. Your partner should not act as a hurdle in reaching your goals, he/she should be able to understand you and support you even when you are wrong. No one should feel bogged down in a relationship.


Do You Keep Secrets Among Yourselves?

Do your partner and you have any secrets with each other? If so, it is better to bring all the skeletons out of the closet. Sharing secrets will not only bring you closer to each other but will also build trust among each other. Although it is okay to keep certain things a secret, it shouldn't be life altering like a serious illness or a hidden mental issue.


Does Your Partner Respect You?

Respect for each other is important in a relationship. If your partner is always shunning and disrespecting you, chances are that they are not serious about you. Look out for signs which show that your partner does not listen to you or doesn't take your opinions seriously. This may cause a major trifle after marriage.


Is Your Partner Fully Aware Of Your Financial Condition?

Does your partner know everything about your assets and liabilities, your job, position in the company and your salary package? Your partner has all the rights to know the details about your financial condition and should be comfortable about it. Keeping them in the dark about financial matter will just make for an ugly spat after marriage.


Do You And Your Partner Love Each Other?

Love is the base for any relationship. If you are not in love with your partner, the marriage might not last long. You should be able to love your partner unconditionally and accept them with all their flaws. If your love is based on just physical beauty, it will wear away with time. Do you love him/her enough to spend the rest of your life with them? You should not be scared of the thought that you are going to grow old with your partner but be happy about it.

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    Story first published: Thursday, November 9, 2017, 18:11 [IST]
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