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    Things A Girl Notices In A Guy For The First Time

    By Subodini Menon

    When it comes to the first meetings, first impressions are everything. It is believed that men may not notice everything in detail. But women are notorious for tuning in to the minutest of details when they first meet their potential partners.

    One thing you can be sure about when the psyche of a girl is in question is that the moment she sees you, she will sub-consciously be ticking off the things she likes and dislikes about you on her mental checklist. Every thing from the way you dress to the way you carry yourself will come under her scrutiny. They say that even the first 'hello' can be conceived as a potential deal breaker or maker.

    things a girl notices in a guy for the first time

    All this talk is not to deter you from dating, instead, it should serve you as a word of caution. You need to put your best foot out there to impress your date on the first meeting. If you are a guy and you are out on the lookout to meet your future heart-throb, you need to make sure that you are flawless, while making sure that you do not lose your personal charm and individuality.

    Today, we shall talk about the things that a girl notices in a guy for the first time. Be sure to go through them and make sure that you put this information to good use.



    As the old quote goes, ‘eyes are the window to the soul'. Many girls say that the thing that they first noticed in their partners was their eyes. To many, the colour and shape of the eyes may be especially attractive. And some girls look deeper into the eyes and try to decipher what lies in them. Girls describe eyes as kind, interesting, smart or cruel and use this gut instinct to decide whether to give this relationship a chance or not.


    Body Language

    Just like the eyes, a guy's body language goes a long way in telling people about him. A woman is especially in tune with her date's body language. The crossing of your hands, the way you sit and the way you touch your date will all tell her loads about you. You should assume a relaxed posture but make sure that you don't stoop. Do not seem restless.



    The most common answer to the question, ‘what do you notice first in a man?' would easily be his smile. Most women do notice the way you smile and how often you smile. It is the thing of the past when women swooned for a strong, serious and stoic man. The women of today are looking for a companion. Someone who will laugh with them and will make them smile more than often. A smile will also lighten the mood of a first meeting. A good self-assured smile will tell your date that you are a confident man with a strong personality.


    The Way You Dress Yourself

    Gone are the days when the worry of being impeccably dressed was reserved for the women folk alone. Today, men have to put in equal effort into being dressed properly too. Most women agree that the way a man clothes himself tells them how organized and hygienic he is. It also speaks volumes about the man's personality if he is dressed to the T, of course, you should be dressed appropriate to the venue and occasion. You can't wear a suit to a casual stroll on the beach.



    Women have senses honed to pick out the man they are attracted to the most. Smelling good will help your case immensely. This does not mean that you load up on a cheap deodorant. Instead, invest in a good classy perfume. Enhance the effect with a good cologne or an after-shave. Now, sit back while your date falls for you.



    The choice of your hairstyle says a lot about your personality. Unkempt and goofy hairstyles might cry cute and endearing, but these hairstyles do not help in scoring dates. Go for mature and neat hairstyles instead. Neatly styled and trimmed hair will attract the right kind of attention that you are looking for from the ladies.


    Where You Look

    Women always notice where your eyes stray. Eyes that keep straying, looking at other women, will not be appreciated by your date. Make sure that you have eyes only for you gal. It will tell her how much you are into her and she will like all the attention you are giving to her. Just do not creep her out with intense and prolonged stares. That will surely not be appreciated.


    Personal Hygiene

    Women expect a grown man to take good care of himself. For if he cannot take care of himself, how will he take care of his lady. Personal hygiene is perhaps the first and foremost thing that determines sexual attractiveness. Your exceptional personality and your resounding laugh will be for naught if you lack in the personal hygiene department. So, when you are out on a date, make sure that you have neatly trimmed, clean nails, and do not have bad facial hair, and have clean sparkly teeth.


    The Way You Spend

    The way you spend on your date will tell the women how you handle your finances in general. The etiquette demands that the male pays for the first few dates, even if the date offers to pay or split the bill. Once you both get a little comfortable in a relationship, you may accept the offers to pay from your mate.


    The Way You Behave With Others

    Women will know to take notice when you converse with the others because it is probably how you will behave with her if a relationship happens. Do not be abusive or rude to people, especially the ones that are serving you like your cab driver or the waitress.


    The Way You Talk And Listen

    Your date will judge you on the way you converse. While talking is an important part of it, you also need to be able to lend an ear to what she has to say. If you keep talking about yourself, you will not learn anything about your potential partner. You will also come across as an egoistic and self-centered person.


    Your Manners

    A man's manners are very important. A little chivalry will go a long way in impressing your date. A gentleman always arrives on time and puts the lady first. And a gentle man is always attractive.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, November 21, 2017, 12:26 [IST]
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