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Friendship Day Special: Should Your Partner Be Your Best Friend?

Is your wife your best friend? Well, if you are a married man, you may need to ask yourself this question. In a recent survey, almost 95% of the women who participated admitted that they reveal their secrets to their best friends and not their husbands!

Well, that must be a shocking fact to you, right? If your wife isn't feeling comfortable to admit her secrets with you, will you be able to sleep peacefully?

Should Your Partner Be Your Best Friend

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As today is friendship day, let us take a look at the reasons why couples must first be friends.

Reason 1: The Connection Never Gets Deeper If You Aren't Friends

Unless you behave like an understanding and a caring friend, your wife will never be open with you. She'll remain a mystery even after decades.

Analyse the reason why she feels free with her friends and not you. Try to be more like her friend and see the difference. You may just need to stop being judgmental, critical and conventional and see how your wife starts feeling better.

Reason 2: You Don't Want Your Wife's Secrets To Be Known By Someone Else

You married her and she is a part of your public and private lives. Wouldn't it be embarrassing if your wife is in a situation where she can't open her heart in front of you?

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Reason 3: Only Friendship Can Make Her More Co-Operative

Every task of life and every day of married life becomes effortless journey after you remove all blocks and barriers between you and your wife by being her closest friend.

Reason 4: There Will Not Be Any Walls Between Both Of You

The beauty of friendship is that it erases all boundaries and develops mutual affection, compassion, trust and love.

All married relationships aren't like that and that is why we only see fighting couples everywhere. Try to change it by being a friend of your wife.

Reason 5: No Arguments!

Friends discuss and couples argue. So, try to be her friend and see how arguments disappear and only discussions happen.

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Reason 6: Great Bed Time!

Lovemaking reaches new heights only when women take active part. If you aren't her friend, she may simple lie down to withstand the boring and mechanical things you do. But if you befriend your wife and be more sensitive, life changes in your bedroom!

Reason 7: Super Happy Old Age!

The world perceives old age as painful. If you have a loving wife and enough for your retirement, life seems tremendously beautiful during old age. So, it all starts if you are friends with your spouse. Happy Friendship Day!

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    Story first published: Sunday, August 6, 2017, 7:25 [IST]
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