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The 10 Rules Of Attraction

What makes you attractive? Well, this question bothers most of us. It is quite natural to have a desire to look good. In fact, that is why we spend so much of time thinking of ways to present ourselves better at least on the first date.

Also, when you are attractive, your confidence levels increase and you get a self-esteem boost. But what decides your attractiveness? What makes you attractive?

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Is it easy to find it out? Well, the science of attraction is a tough nut to crack but not really impossible.

Science Of Attraction

Do looks matter? If only looks matter then why do we come across some people with average looks with very attractive spouses? Does it mean that there are other factors that can make you look attractive other than your looks? Yes, there are a lot of things that can create an effect on the perceptions of the people around you.

Here are some facts about the science of attraction.


In a survey, where women were asked to rate the attractiveness of some men based on recorded voices, they rated men with low-pitched voices as attractive. On the contrary, men love high-pitched female voices. So, voice is one of the important factors that can play a role in process of attracting the opposite sex.


Easily available people seem less attractive to the opposite sex. Making the chase a bit difficult can make you look more attractive to your partner. But at the same time, the other party may lose interest if you play the 'not easy to win' card too much. So, don't overuse it.


Yes, even mental states can make a person look attractive or unattractive. Imagine a person 'X' who is always happy and joyful. Imagine another person 'Y' who is always sad, irritated and frustrated.

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Who is more attractive among the both? Obviously, you would choose person 'X' because a joyful mood makes one look more attractive.


Social reputation can also make one look attractive. Of course, it doesn't mean that having a lot of friends and social contacts can get you a partner easily. But somehow, social links and connections can make a person seem social, capable and dynamic. This way, reputation in the society can make one look attractive.


Confidence can be attractive. When you smile confidently, make eye-contact and speak boldly, you tend to come across as attractive. There is something beautiful about being open. Charisma can sometimes play a major role in making a person look irresistible. If you keep to yourself, you may not score well on your first date.


Men who display sense of humour tend to come cross as intelligent and creative. Witty men score well as they seem attractive to women. When it comes to men, they get attracted to women who laugh at their silly jokes. That could be a signal of receptivity. Actually, sense of humour can help in long-term relationships.

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Yes, even looks matter. Though we all know that it is foolish to fall for external appearances, we still find a symmetrical face attractive. Physical features like a proportionate body, glowing skin and good fitness levels increase the attractiveness of both men and women. We all secretly fall for good looks though we don't admit that.


As human beings, we also fall for surface level things even though we know that the internal core of a person matters more. A person who is stylish and clean tends to look more attractive. Imagine somebody with dirty nails and torn clothes. If it is the first meeting, you might develop a bad impression, right?

Body Language

More than attractive clothes, your body language can make you look more attractive. The way you move your body, the way you sit or stand can speak volumes about you. The sub-conscious mind of the person of the opposite sex can read positive signals from your healthy body language and posture.

The Role Of Attraction

Remember that attraction can only bring two people together in a relationship. Attraction alone cannot strengthen bonds. It just makes the first step easy. After that, other factors like love, compatibility and understanding need to take over the relationship to make it long lasting. So, attraction is like the icing on the cake.

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