Ever Wondered Why She Flirts?

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When a woman flirts, eyebrows raise and people think that flirting is only a man's share of fun. A little do they know that even women love to flirt and laugh about it!

There are many reasons for a woman to flirt and we here are about to share some of these reasons as to why women love to flirt.

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For those who think that women who flirt are of not a good character, then they need to keep their thoughts in their pockets!

So, check out for the reasons on why women love to flirt.


They Like The Concept Of Harmless Flirting

This is the kind of flirting that almost all girls do. Girls generally indulge in flirting to just be friendly and to develop a light atmosphere. This is one of the easiest way to break ice with a stranger on a good note!


Relationship Might Just Be A Time Pass!

If the girl is not serious about the relationship, she would have no qualms to flirt with other men around. There might be a reason for the existence of this relationship, as either she may think you to be a good friend or has her own benefit from it.


She Might Be Insecure

It might be her insecurity about the relationship she is in that is making her feel insecure about her man. This is generally done by girls to be reassured that they still have the spark in them to attract other boys!

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She Must Be An Attention Seeker!

This would be done to show her girl gang as to how popular she is! The other reason could be to make her man feel jealous and insecure about the relationship.


To Command Over Her Man

This is one of the most common reasons as to why women flirt. They flirt with other guys just to have a command over their boyfriends. This is done to make them stay in the relationship and also make the man act accordingly.


It Might Be Done On Purpose To End The Relationship!

This could be one of the reasons as well as to why a woman flirts! To get rid of the current relationship, a woman may want to flirt around with other men and get reasons good enough to end the relationship.

If you think there are any other reasons, then do share them with us in the comment section.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 17, 2017, 11:23 [IST]
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