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Problems That Arise When You Start A Live-In-Relationship

Though some aspects of marriage and live-in relationships are same, a lot of others are not same. Both do have their own set of benefits and drawbacks; let us not get into them.

In this post, let us discuss a few common issues that might arise when you suddenly start living with your romantic partner.

Whenever two individuals come together to start a new life whether it is marriage or a live-in relationship, certain issues may arise. But in a marriage setting, both the partners will be mentally prepared to accept each other's uniqueness as tying a knot means a promise or commitment.

Problems In Live In Relationship

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But if it is a live-in relationship, you tend to have the freedom of walking out when you are not in tune with each other. This could actually make you look at every small issue with a magnifying glass. Here are some examples.

What If He Snores?

All of a sudden, you are out of your comfort zone and you don't even get enough sleep because he snores all night.

You try to go to the other room and sleep in the sofa but you don't feel comfortable there. Wouldn't you be frustrated? Well, prepare for such situations if you are planning to live with him soon.

Both Of You Have Different Sleep Schedules

When you are still active and awake, he falls asleep without giving you company. And when you are falling asleep he tries to get cozy and bring you into mood. Sounds irritating right? Well, if your sleep schedules are totally different, you might face some issues in the beginning.

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When One Of You Is Messy And The Other Is Obsessed With Cleanliness

He is totally messy and your are someone who wants everything clean around you. You keep warning him not to throw wet towels on the sofa and dirty clothes on the bed, but he never seems to heed. One day, you get into an argument and he becomes upset with your strict attitude. Can you imagine that? Well, during your dating days, everything looked sweet. But once you start living together, you will slowly start discovering about each other's problems.

One Of You Is A Loner And The Other Brings Friends Home

If you are an introvert then you may feel that your privacy is intruded whenever he brings home his friends. All of them sitting and watching TV while drinking and laughing loudly may get on your nerves.

He Or She Touches Your Things Without Asking

If you are very possessive about your things and when tries to touch your items, you may get irritated. Such flare ups are common in the initial stages.

Personal Hygiene Habits

If you don't have the habit of bathing everyday, he might not feel comfortable and if he is not hygienic you may not feel like staying in the same room.

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Eating Habits

One of the areas of conflicts is cooking and eating. Who should cook and what both of you should eat is a topic that may need to be discussed. If one of the partners is a picky eater or never shown interest in cooking or helping in the kitchen then that is an area where frequent fights arise.

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