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How To Stop Being So Needy And Insecure In A Relationship

By Ajanta Sen

Relationships are very delicate to handle. If we try to hold them very tightly, they might drop in strength. Starting a relationship is not so difficult but maintaining it to the end is really difficult. Sometimes, we become very possessive and passionate about our relationship, which develops an insecurity feeling in our subconscious mind without knowing ourselves.

Sometimes, we try to grab our partner's attention whole day even though we know that he/she is busy with his/her work. These feelings make us dependable and portray ourselves as a needy person in the relationship we belong to. This neediness and insecurity feelings control our mind and we lose our confidence.


Changing Our Mindset

Mindset is very important for every walk in our life. Sometimes, the fear of losing someone also makes us needy and insecure and we always try to seek the attention of our partner. Trust is the base of every relationship. So, we need to set everything in our mind first and go for a clear and healthy relationship.


Give Some Space To Each Other

We need to give some space to each other. The primary thing in a relationship is respect. So, we need to be clear in our mind about our partner and about our relationship too.


Make A Hobby For Your Pastime

People who are busy don't get enough time to be needy, they are always busy with their stuff. So, make an interesting hobby for yourself, which makes you happy and you also feel good rather than waiting for someone.


Expect Less Or Be Realistic

No one's perfect in this world. So, we cannot expect our partner to be with us every time and help us in every situation. Everybody has their own priorities in life so we cannot judge anyone in this basis. Depending on others is not always good, so we need to be independent and try to solve our problems with our own, which also can boost up our self-confidence too.


Define Your Boundaries

Make a boundary for yourself. You deserve to be treated as the way you want to be treated. Give people importance but don't let them make you feel bad. You must make sure to not get hurt and hence defining the boundary line is very important in a relationship.


List Out Your Good Qualities

List out the good qualities of yours and write it down. Do whatever you like to do. Keep a positive attitude of gratitude and your insecurities may just start slipping away.


Boost Up Your Confidence

Our mind is hyperactive, so when we don't have anything to do we feel needy, bored or frustrated. We always need to be busy with some activities, so that some progressive things can be done by us. When we are busy with some constructive things, we don't have time to satisfy our needs through others. This also boosts up our self-confidence and gives us a new reason to be happy with. We know the proverb that idle mind is the home of evils. So, keep yourself busy, meet people and always have a positive attitude.

You might be looking for someone who makes you feel good but reality is that you are the only person who can do that. You shouldn't be dependent on someone for your happiness. There is a way to get rid of neediness and to prove yourself that you don't need anyone to be happy.

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Story first published: Saturday, December 9, 2017, 16:19 [IST]
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