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Ex Wanting To Get Back? Here's Why You Should Tell A “No”

By Ajanta Sen

There are many emotional attachments that you may have had with your ex-boyfriend or your ex-girlfriend. But it also very important to remember as to why he/she became your ex in the first place.

Technology happens to be the most irritating to be moving around with when you have just gone through a breakup. You start seeing their tweets, their Instagram pictures, and not to mention, the Facebook selfies.

Unfriending them is not really an option because it is hard to get them out of your mind. Just remember, if your ex tries to come back, you need to think why you people broke up in the first place.

Your ex may be the one who started all the mess. It is true that keeping your sanity intact is not possible at this time, but you need to remind yourself that you deserve a lot better. Love yourself first. And here's why you should say a "NO" if your ex plans on getting back with you.


Already Moved On

You may have already moved on from the ugly phase of the breakup and this is when your ex starts feeling sorry and apologetic. He may want to get back together again, but remember that you do not want the same thing as well. It is even worse to go through this phase of breakup yet again.


You Are A Lot Better Than Getting Back

Breakup happens for a particular reason, no matter who initiated it. You start realizing after a certain point of time that this is not the person you are going to spend your entire life with. In case if he wants to get back with you, remind yourself that you are a lot better than this. Remind yourself that you do not need a man who cannot be the one to take care of you.


You Broke Up For A Reason

You may be very happy when your ex texts you that he loves you and wants to get back with you again, but make sure that you do not forget the ugly reason of the breakup and the tough time that you had to go through. Your ex was nowhere around you to even find what condition you were in. Rather, he may be busy uploading pictures while having dinner with his friends or a new girl he thought he had moved on with. A person who can leave you once can leave you again. It is important to not lose sight of this because this matters a lot.


Things Are Not The Same

The thing that you felt for your ex when you both were in a relationship will never come back once you have broken up. You can never love each other the way you used to initially. Love ended and you broke up.



You had given your ex the chance to come back to you when you were still crying for him begging him to stay with you. No matter what reason you broke up for, he had plenty of time to get back to you. There is no point in coming back after a year or so because you are already done with.


Preference To Be Single

After going through a bad relationship and an even more horrible breakup phase, you may want to remain single as of now. It does not matter how many times he texted you to get back with you, you should be firm with the decision that you have already made.


Ex Does Not Mean It

Maybe your ex is just bored without you, and he just lost the spark that he had in his life with you. Wanting to get back with you may be just a time pass or to show the world that he has someone in his life.

Getting back with your ex is a very bad idea, and you need to remind yourself that you are doing perfectly fine without him.

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Story first published: Friday, November 10, 2017, 18:04 [IST]
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