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Bad Girl Traits Men Die For

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Though men don't admit, they too secretly desire to date a bad girl. In fact, many men prefer to settle down with such a woman.

Though bad girls may come across as unstable and unpredictable, they are surely stimulating. That is why men get attracted to them so fast.

Some nervous men who can't handle bad girls often fantasise them. Yes, at the end of the day, relationships are exciting when you have a crazy, adventurous and tough woman around.

Here are some reasons why bad girls are better than the rest.


She's Spontaneous

People who are spontaneous are fun and adventurous. They live in the moment. So, a girl who is spontaneous is surely good company. That's why men crave for spontaneous women.


She's Direct

Bad girls are direct and to the point. They don't play mind games. They don't hesitate to say something on the face.


She's Fearless

Yes, a bold woman surely looks hotter. A bold bad girl is surely a good choice as you don't need to constantly worry about how she takes care of herself.


She's Confident

Bad girls are surely confident and the way they carry themselves makes them look hotter than the rest.


She's Tough

Tough girls can take the ups and downs of life with strength. They don't sit and complain. They take action. They do something to improve any situation. That makes them a good choice for any man.


She's Naughty

Naughty girls are fun to be with. And when a woman shows her naughty side in bed, the pleasure of a man reaches peaks.


She's Flirtatious

Some women hesitate a lot but those who flirt are irresistible. When a woman flirts, a man may go crazy.


She's Bold

Bad girls can go a mile further when it comes to enticing their men. They can dare to be unconventional.

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Story first published: Thursday, March 30, 2017, 12:28 [IST]
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