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Why You Don't Need To Play "Hard To Get" To Look Interesting In Relationships!

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You like her and she likes you. But she never picks your calls or never cares to answer your texts. But still she loves you. Do you know what it means? Well, she is trying to look like a hard target.

Why Playing Hard Never Works

Yes, some women love to play 'hard to get' and test your patience. Some may do that to increase your interest levels and some may do that to look like a mystery.

There are some women who are too shy and are not yet comfortable to talk to you or get intimate. They too try to play this card though they like you. Here are some more facts about such relationships.

Why Playing Hard Never Works 2

How does it all start? Well, during the first few meetings, both of you exchange a few words during which you realise that there are common interests. But just as you try to take it forward, she starts showing resistance.

Why Playing Hard Never Works 2

When you are about to conclude that she is no longer interested in you, she will again do something to convey that she is still into you.

Why Playing Hard Never Works 3

Again when you try to take it further, she stops responding to your calls and texts. Again when you try quitting, she'll show interest.

Why Playing Hard Never Works 4

One fine day, you may go mad and wonder what makes her play with you. You tend to spend half of the day looking at your mobile but no text or call comes your way.

Why Playing Hard Never Works 5

You might get stuck in a situation where you can neither move on nor stay with her because she never openly tells you whether she is interested or not interested.

Why Playing Hard Never Works 6

Well, such people are there in both men and women. They love to come across as a hard target. They tend to have their own reasons for that.

Why Playing Hard Never Works 7

At the end of the day, the people at the receiving end could get annoyed especially if the silent treatment extends for months or years.

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