Why Men Reject Passive Women?

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Some women who are like delicate flowers attract men fast. But some studies show that men ultimately get bored of such women in the long run.

When a man comes across a damsel in distress, he feels like becoming her knight in the shining armour. But that's for only a short period. Gradually, he may get bored if the woman is not independent.

Times have changed. Today's women are capable of a lot. That is why today's men are more comfortable with active, dynamic and outgoing women than passive women who expect a man to do everything for them. Read on...


Reason #1

She isn't proactive and never takes initiative. Every time the mean needs to take the first step and it may bore him soon.


Reason #2

She is passive even in bed too. Men may find it interesting in the first few sessions, but gradually get bored if the woman is too passive.


Reason #3

She never starts a conversation and remains silent. Only a man needs to start it always.


Reason #4

She sulks. If she is upset with you, she just sulks for days together without telling you the reason.


Reason #5

She enjoys all your love but seldom reciprocates. This makes you feel deprived.


Reason #6

She never makes future plans or at least never discusses with you. You wonder whether she is really interested in having a future with you.


Reason #7

She enjoys your contribution but never actively contributes anything to the relationship in any way.


Reason #8

It is a lots of work as you have to sweat out everything and she sits like a princess enjoying what you do.


Reason #9

You can't leave her alone even for a moment as she needs to be taken care of like a delicate baby.

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