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Unexpected Moves In Bed Men Love

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When it comes to making love, there are certain things that can turn on your partner and a few moves can really take away the feel and mood of your act, as your partner might probably get turned off with your wrong move.

In this article, we are here to share some of the unexpected moves that men love when their lady gets into some action. These moves can really spice up the scenario and make your partner crave for some more action.

Find out about these interesting moves that you need to try today! We're sure you're going to agree with these points that we'll be sharing with you, dear ladies.

With these tips and moves, we are sure you would be ready for the game of love and when it comes to shocking your partner in a nice way on bed.

These moves will make you come off as a hot, sexy and confident woman as well, as you would know all of the unexpected moves that men love.


Make Foreplay Last

This is one of the hottest moves in bed that men love. Make the foreplay last for a little longer and let the man feel good about it. We're sure it'll make him feel that you do care to satisfy him too. Do not get straight to the act but play a while, as this will drive your man wanting some more.


Let The Guy Take Control

This is the first basic move that one needs to remember. Men love to pin down on their lady love and surrender to his power. We bet nothing turns them on apart from this.


Bring On Some Dessert

This does not mean you take your entire kitchen to your bedroom. Try whipped cream, as men basically love the dessert and would love to see their lady love making it sweet for them too. We're sure your love life is going to be quite fun after this act.


Let Your Fingers Roam

There are many spots on a man's body that can turn him on with a simple touch. He'd love it when you touch and tease him by playing with these spots.


Dirty Talk

Shout the dirtiest thoughts you can think of while he touches and plays with your spot. This will makes them pay attention to your needs as well!


Touch Yourself

This move is something men love all the time. Be it on your bed or out of the bedroom, they might want it but may not let you know about it. It tempts them when they see you feeling yourself.
So, go for it girl, give your man some love!

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