Surprising Truths About Office Romance

By: :Ajanta Sen

Romance is a part of human life. There is nothing new about it. Falling in love with a person of the opposite sex is a natural phenomenon and it can happen anywhere.

Apart from normal life, people also find themselves falling in love with their co-workers in their own offices.
Quite naturally, such a love relationship is not between two immature people, as office workers are adults and they have a very good idea of what it can lead to.

One of the most surprising truths about office romance is that people often do not care about the consequences too, even if it can end in a sad story.

Among the most surprising truths about office romance, one must be surprised to know that the number of lovers and beloveds is increasing in a never-before manner.

Most of the office colleagues often receive love proposals from the people who sit under the same roof and stay together for more than 8-9 hours every day.

If you listen to the people who have fallen into these relationships, you would be surprised to know that these are often one-sided and they had often faced threats in case of a refusal.

Some of the shocking facts about office romance can even seem to be brutal, as they often result in poor consequences.

Following are some of the most surprising facts about office romance:

Dating The Boss For Job Security:

The Couples Are Often Married People:
Not only a surprising, but a sad fact is that even married people respond to the love relationships that come from their office colleagues. This is often drastic, as it can lead to the devastation of two separate families, affecting quite a few people in the end.

Both accepting these proposals and denying them are equally difficult, as it often has some related consequences that are always not possible to be ignored by everyone. 

It Leads To Sexual Violence Too:

It Leads To Sexual Violence Too: 

Office romance is often not true. There are some people who just want to enjoy the relationship, and then forget about it. Their main target is to enjoy some emotional moments with their partners that inevitably lead to sexual relationships. 

You would find this as one of the most common facts about office romance. Betrayal after this brings great psychological burden to some people, especially women, who are often serious about their relationship.

Dating The Boss For Job Security:

Dating The Boss For Job Security:
Believe it or not, this is the most important among all the surprising facts about office romance. People often, both men and women, suffer from job insecurity, and they are often forced to fall into such a relationship with their superiors.

These love relationships are often not true, as the opportunist plays a major role in such relationships.

The Number Of Such A Relationship Is Increasing:
This is simply shocking! Even though people are aware of the negative consequences of office romance, yet they are showing more interest towards falling in love with their office co-workers.

As per a study report, more than 50% of the men and around 60-65% of the women workers are engaged into such relationships.

Society Suffers:
The consequences of the office romance is making the society suffer in the worst manner possible. Breaking of the unsuccessful relationships of office romance is affecting the society.

The original or real-life relationships are breaking due to these relationships. It leads to an increase in the number of divorce cases too that leaves the worst impact on the children.

Quite undoubtedly, everyone must be very much aware of these surprising facts about office romance, and one must think seriously about the consequences that have been listed too.

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Story first published: Sunday, March 13, 2016, 20:01 [IST]
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