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Signs You Are Getting Comfortable With Him

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When a guy comes into your life, you may or may not be open to him. Your sub conscious mind secretly studies him before you let your guard down.

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Of course, all of us are vulnerable deep down and we don't want to be hurt. That is why though we have feelings for someone, we seldom open up. At least, the fear of rejection or ridicule stops us.

But as things start rolling with someone, you tend to gradually warm up. That is when you need to notice certain signs that indicate that you are getting comfortable with him.

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Once you see those signs, you can at least assure yourself that you are going in the right direction. Yes, it indicates a new relationship in your life.


During A Walk...

When you are walking with someone else, you maintain distance. But when you are walking with him, you get a bit closer and sometimes, accidentally touch him. You enjoy that small beautiful sensation that comes when your hands or shoulders rub against his during the walk.


You Let Him Flirt Mildly With You

In the beginning stages, you have been a closed gate but gradually, you don't mind when he talks dirty occasionally. In fact, you get a high when he talks about something mischievous.


You Let Him Talk About Anything

As you get closer, you tend to be open with him. That is the stage where any topic can be discussed between you without inhibitions.


You Try To Make Him Laugh

You seem to get a kick when you see him happy and this makes you show your sense of hour and positive side to him whenever you meet.


You Start Pulling Each Other's Legs And Derive Fun

As the distance between you decreases, you tend to take the liberty to pull his leg and make fun of each other.


You Don't Mind Hugging Him

A hug is a beautiful expression of intimacy and it seems so natural to hug him or stay close to him.


You Crave For His Kiss

When all of the above things happen, it is quite natural to crave for his kiss. In fact, he is secretly craving to dissolve your lip gloss the moment you offer them to him. But he is just acting like a gentle man.

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