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Signs That It Is All Over

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Everybody looks forward to have an everlasting relationship. However, there are a few relationships that do end, no matter how hard you try to save it, it is just not worth holding on to the relationship anymore.

In this article, we are here to share some of the tips that make you realise that the relationship is completely over and you are just hanging on to it. It is best to remove the thorn off than allow it to hurt you even more.

These are the signs that will make you realise that there is no point of you hanging on to something, which is just not worth it. So, just let go of that relationship and remember there are better people waiting for you.

If you hold on to a bad relationship, you would only be hurting yourself more. So, find out about these tips and make sure that you move on in life and do something worthy in life apart from sulking into the situation more and more.

These tips are clear enough for you to understand about the silent waters that are running deep. Read on to know more.


Its You Who Is Keen On Meeting

After a point of time, when things get monotonous you realise, it is only you who has been making plans to meet your partner. And many a times, you hear a NO from them, as they are busy.


Never Introduces You To Their Family

Even if your partner's family knows about you, there will be a time when you'll realise that your partner is distancing you from meeting his/her family, and they do not like your interference in their family issues. This can be a sign that they want to breakup with you soon.


No Solutions

When your partner does not wish to get a solution for your problems, then there are chances that they do not wish to continue in the argument or even find a solution to it.


Intimacy Takes A Backseat

Everything was rosy initially. You guys just needed reasons to touch each other. But, of late, neither of you are taking an initiative to spend some quality time with each other.


Their Friends Ignore You

This is some alarming sign that there is something not good happening in your relationship. You realise that his/her friends start to avoid you. They chose to not comment on anything and keep themselves aloof, as they are already updated of what's coming your way.


Lies A Lot

When you ask them about their updates, they come up with lame excuses and do not wish to reveal about everything that they do. They find you to be nosy in their business and this can create a rift. This is a sure sign that it is all over and you need to move on.

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