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Reasons Why Men Are Attracted To Women With Long Hair

It is believed that long hair on a woman is a sign of fertility! According to an ancient theory, women who have long hair are said to be good in bed and they are the best, loyal and most trust-worthy people to get into a relationship with.

Women with long hair are also considered to be the most beautiful when compared to women who have short tresses.

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Beauty experts state that hair is the main feature on a person that makes one look attractive, which is why even women prefer to grow their hair long.

On the other hand, studies have showed that women who have long hair are said to be much healthier. Healthy women have lustrous and shiny hair, whereas the hair of sickly women loses its luster and shine.

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The study also explains that hair grows slowly; and if it is at the shoulder-length, it only reveals a woman's health status. So, the longer the hair length, the better the health of a woman.

So, ladies, take a look at these reasons why men are so attracted to your gender with long hair:


Long Hair Enhances A Woman's Looks:

A woman who has long hair seems to look much more attractive than a woman who has short hair. Long hair enhances a woman's look, making her to appear much more appealing and beautiful.


It Symbolises Fertility:

Healthy long hair signifies a woman who is healthy both emotionally and physically. And, according to ancient studies, women who have long hair are considered to be very fertile than women who have short locks.


Because It Signifies Good Health:

Women who have long hair are considered to be healthier than women who have stylish short hair. When your hair is long, lustrous and beautiful, it only defines the health of a woman that she is consuming the right kind of foods and is looking after her tresses in the most natural way possible.


It Is Something To Play With:

When it comes to men and their sexual fantasies, they adore women who have long hair. Men love to play with a woman's hair, as it excites them and makes them feel erotic.


Long Hair Opens Up To A Lot Of Styles:

Women who have short hair can only pull off one style, whereas women who are blessed with long hair have a variety of styles that they can try from, and this attracts a man.


Long Hair Seduces A Man:

Long hair somehow seduces a man, and it is said that 90 per cent of men feel aroused around women who have long hair. Long hair is also equalled to be feminine, which gives men all the more reason to fall head over heels in love with women having long hair.


Long Hair Looks Hot On Women:

Whether you have thick, curly or straight long hair, men find this as an attraction and consider it to be a hot look on women. And, if the woman carries her long hair with style and an attitude, it adds up to the points.

Story first published: Wednesday, April 20, 2016, 16:00 [IST]
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