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Negative People Who Nag About Your Long-Distance Relationship

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Being in a relationship is not an easy task, especially when you are in a long-distance relationship. There will be many ups and downs that you'll need to adjust to from time to time.

It is quite a task to have a long-distance relationship in today's world and to cope with all the negativities that surround us.

In this article, we are here to share some "gyaan" on how the negative people could nag often to you about your long-distance relationship. Our advice would be to shove those people out of your lives and just follow your hearts.

There are times when you would actually get annoyed with these kind of people who are ready to spoil your long-distance relationship.

This article is all about the people who are there to poison your mind with their benefit of doubt of whether you being in a long-distance relationship is good or bad.

These people are the ones who add the virus "DOUBT" in your healthy relationship. Read on to know more about such nuisance people and make sure you avoid them in order to have a healthy relationship.


The One Who Discusses About Communication Gap All The Time

You need to make these people understand that communication is not about being in contact for a constant period of 24 hours. Instead, it should be something that is understood between two people and the third person better stay out of it!


The One Who Says You Would Not Even Get To Know The Other Person

If you are being told on how you are going to trust a person and know them completely, then you should put a stop to hearing from such people, as you are taking time to understand your new relationship and a third person's opinion some where may create a huge adverse impact on your relationship.


The One Who Is Worried About You Not Being Together In Everyday's Problems

Yes, it is true that they're not being with you in your daily life chores. So, take this as a positive point instead, as you both are growing up as mature individuals who are capable of handling things on your own.


The Person Who Talks Of Trust All The Time

From the time they hear about your long-distance relationship, there will be annoying questions on how this relationship will work. Well, it is just your own business and not the world's problem to handle things for yourself.


The One Who Says It Is Going To Be An Expensive Deal

Love knows no boundaries and when you are in a long-distance relationship, the only thing that matters is about the communication part. If somebody comes up with reasons to make you feel guilty about the expenses, then kick them out of your life.


The One Who Says It Is Inevitable

There are those negative set of people who just keep reminding you that this relationship will not last, as it is a long-distance one. Instead, give them a piece of your mind and ask them to mind their own business please!

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Story first published: Wednesday, April 13, 2016, 0:05 [IST]
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