Mistakes Men Make In A Committed Relationship

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Every relationship has its own share of joys and sorrows. It's just a part of it. But letting it affect your relationship with your partner can only be stupidity.

In this article, we are here to share some of the common mistakes that men make in a committed relationship. These mistakes can be just something they do not tend to do intentionally, but deep down the lane it does hurt the partner.

Generally men tend to have a laid back attitude once they get into a committed relationship. They do not take the effort and pain as much as they did initially as they realise that their partner is by their side. But they forget that it can also backfire.

Check out the list of mistakes men do and not even realise. If you are a man and reading this, then its time you check if you making any of these blunders. Read on to know more...


Not Listening To Them

Men need to understand that women by nature are more talkative and they want to be heard, instead of just seeing you nod your head while you not even listening. This is one of the most common mistake men do in a relationship.


Being A Pushover

Women hate men who cannot take an initiative and plan up something without their partner's consent and always look up to them for all their decisions. It has to be an equal decision, only then the relationship gets interesting.


Being Self-satisfied

Women love men who are working towards their ambition and not being stagnant. Remember that men should have ambitions and a positive driving force, as these are the most attractive quality a man can have.


Being Way Too Mushy

Women love men who have them as emotional anchors, but they really do not like it, when the man depends on her emotionally for every small thing! It annoys them and makes them realise that you are not a man enough.


Changing Priorities

During the dating phase the women are treated like "Goddess", who are given all their attention, time and love. Once relationship becomes a committed one then priorities change. Men start spending more time at work or catch up with old friends. This changes your priority and spoils the relationship. So make sure that the relationship gets the same importance.


Being Over Possessive

If you try to control your woman by not letting her hangout with her friends, it is nothing less than jailing her. She needs to have a life of hers even after being in a committed relationship with you. This mistake can even ruin the relationship.


Showering Her With Too Many Presents

This is a common thing in the initial days. But when you are doing the same stuff even after getting committed, then it only gives them an impression that you have nothing of your own personality that can impress her. So to keep her happy you end up compensating with all these gifts.

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Story first published: Saturday, February 27, 2016, 8:00 [IST]
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