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How To Know He Is Interested


If you recently had a conversation with a man and are wondering whether he's really interested in you then there are some clues. Generally, men tend to give certain signals to make a woman understand that they are really interested to take things further.

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But some women can understand them whereas some can't. The ones who fail to understand the signals of men generally lose out the chances to date the best men because they never realise that a man is desperately trying hard to start a relationship with them.

Generally, men first start by staring at their favourite women from a distance. Then they try to come closer and start a casual conversation. If they think that things are positive, then they try to push things further.

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So, if you know a man in your locality or in your office who has been staring at you from a distance since a few days and has started a conversation recently, then here are some signs to notice.


He Compliments You Several Times

During the conversation, he tries to give you complements all the time. Though you have nothing great about you, he'll try to make you feel good about yourself.


Compliments Turn Into Praising...

He'll gradually start praising you. There is a slight difference between compliments and praising. If a man is praising, it means he is already on a high. Anyone can give compliments but only a man who tries to get close to you tends to praise you seriously.


He Will Mildly Flirt To See Your Reaction

This might or might not happen depending upon the proximity of both of you. If he already knows you, then he might mildly flirt during the conversation to just let you know that he is romantically interested.


He Will Try To Prolong The Conversation

As the conversation gives him a high, he doesn't want it to end fast. So, he will keep trying to prolong it.


He Eagerly Waits For Your Response

During the conversation, he gives all his attention to you and eagerly waits for every single response from your end.


He Will Keep Smiling

He can't control his emotions if he is interested in you. So he will naturally keep smiling all the time.


His Face Glows When He Is With You

He can't cover up the glow in his face. His face will glow like a bulb when you are talking to him.

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Story first published: Wednesday, April 6, 2016, 5:08 [IST]
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