What Most Of Us Think While Making Love

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Have you ever wondered what goes on in your partner's mind during lovemaking? Well, you don't need to break your head on it because you will never be able to know.

Sometimes, weird, funny, silly and naughty thoughts may also pass through your partner's mind when you are seriously making love.

Of course, when lovemaking becomes a monotonous task, the mind might wander a bit say some researchers. Now, let us look at those funny thoughts...


"Oh No, He's Done With It? I Just Started".

This thought occurs to some women who take lots of time to get into mood. Unfortunately, by the time they feel turned on, the man simply finishes the job and goes to sleep!


"He Is Making A Mess With My Blanket, Will Make Him Wash It Tomorrow"

Cleaning, washing and cooking- they are tasks that can tire any woman. And when a man starts making everything wet in the bed, this kind of a funny thought might hit the mind of the woman.


"Ah, Feeling Hungry. Finish It Fast, Dude"

When she's not in the mood and you try to prolong it thinking that she'll be happy, she might get this thought though she'll never express it.


"Ouch, I Forgot To Close The Front Door"

It happens sometimes, when both of you are out of the world!


"Oh, Where Does All His Energy Go? He's Too Slow"

When you are unable to show your heroism, she may wonder where all your calories went. But she might not say it out.


"Why Is She Looking At The Ceiling?"

This is a funny though that men get when they observe a woman staring somewhere else while lovemaking. Generally, bored or distracted women give a blank stare at the ceiling.


"Today She Is Hugging Me Tight; Is She Fantasising Someone?"

Some men who don't know that there can be ups and downs in the desire and passion levels of women wonder why some days, hugs are tight and on other days they aren't.

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Story first published: Wednesday, December 14, 2016, 16:39 [IST]
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