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Do You Know Why Men Lie To Women?

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Being honest in a relationship saves all the tension. However, what happens when a person lies and the relationship goes for a toss and there is nothing that can make the situation better?

Men are impulsive creatures, and there is nothing that can stop them from achieving their goals, when they set their heart on it.

If there is something that you do not like and expect your man not to do it, then he would surely find a way out and make sure he does that stuff, as he is curious to know why you'd asked him not to do so.

In this article, we are here to share some of the reasons as to why men lie to women.

Generally, men tend to lie to escape the melodrama and unwanted reactions from the women. They find this as an easy way out to get out of any situation.

Dear women, remember that you should leave your man free to do things that he enjoys to do, so that he need not lie about it later to you. Also, have a look at these possible reasons on why men lie to women, you may find your answers here!


To Avoid Drama

Men do not like it when a woman nags him or stops him from doing anything that he likes. They tend to lie to avoid any drama from the women. This is a way of escapism.


They Are Scared To Hurt Your Feelings

A man doesn't speak his mind fearing that it might hurt his woman's feelings. This is one of the main reasons that shows he is scared to hurt your feelings and hence lies. Remember that the last thing he wants is to hurt your feelings.


They Feel Insecure

Sometimes, the fear of losing his dream woman will make a man lie. This is something that he does not do on purpose. He thinks that he can get away with his lies later on, but when it is out, he feels quite embarrassed about it.


To Boost Their Egos

When men lie, they assume that fooling or lying to a woman will boost their ego. They do it for fun and, most of the time, these lies are harmless.


They Lack The Trust In A Relationship

As a matter of fact, most men don't trust women. It is because of their inability to understand a woman's emotions and feelings that compels them to lie further to her.


To Get More Space

Everybody needs their own space. The moment a guy gets into a serious relationship, he tends to miss his bachelor days. Sometimes, when he feels like getting back to his old days, he lies about certain things to still feel the same joy as in his bachelorhood days.

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 15, 2016, 15:25 [IST]
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